map3This is the world and no matter how large your community is, it's still just a little dot in comparison. Perhaps you used to feel like you were a big business in your local community, but are starting to see that more and more customers are reaching out to buy globally. You're not alone in facing that challenge. A recent survey indicated more than 60% of consumers research a product online before they go to a local business. And, when they are researching online, they pull up your website and do a comparison between your site and your online competition. All this is done before they even leave their home or office. Wait, there's more. Of those people researching online, 56% buy the same day from an online store and never get to a local business's.

If people can buy a pizza online and have it delivered to their door, why would go to the effort of getting dressed up and drive to your restaurant? Or, if someone can buy a non-food product online and have it delivered, why would they go to all the effort of driving to a local business, purchasing the product, putting it into their vehicle, driving home and then unloading it? Those scenarios, and thousands more, are happening every day and that means local businesses are losing out. At WOW Communications & Training, we know how to change those scenerios and keep people shopping locally. During the 2014 holiday season, Canadian spent 8.6 hours researching holiday purchases online.

It is time for all businesses to stop using the same-old, same-old methods of sales and marketing, and realize they are doing business in a global market. Yes, it is sad that loyalty is dying, but it is what it is. When money is tight, people are more concerned about price and selection than loyalty. Even small businesses need to market globally, but that doesn’t mean just having a great website. There is so much more that needs to be in place. Increasing the bottom line starts with having a sales and marketing direction with a message so powerful that people WILL make the “effort” to buy from you.That's what WOW Communications & Training can do for YOU.