"In Sales and Marketing - It's not about YOU ... It's all about THEM!"

Always remember this statement when thinking of your customers
- Lynda Kavanagh

Lynda Kavanagh

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Presenting at an Alberta Womens' Conference

lk aug sm2Life is all about marketing, bicycle travelling and wearing high heel shoes...
...well according to Lynda D. Kavanagh that is. And before we go any further... yes she has ridden her bike wearing high heels to client meetings!


She has been dubbed by her clients and audiences as The "WOW" Gal (Wildly Outrageous Woman) because of her energy and excitement about life, sales and marketing. Lynda's company specializes in understanding consumer behaviour and how that knowledge can be transferred into her clients' sales and marketing activities.


It's an interesting combination... bicycle.. travel... high heels ... marketing ... sales ... consumer behaviour. How can anyone tie these together? Lynda can. As anyone who has worked with her, or attended one of her training workshops knows, she has a unique ability to take normal activities, like buying high heels or ordering wine in Venice, and weave those activities into a sales or marketing workshop that the audience can relate to. Or, while working with a coaching client she makes the meetings entertaining and thought-provoking when she explains how lessons learned in cycling the far western isles of Scotland can be applied to marketing a business. For all WOW's clients, her travels enable her to bring the world to her clients through a cosmopolitan approach to sales and marketing issues.


Recognized as an expert in marketing and consumer behaviour, Lynda has hosted a daily marketing tips program on SHAW TV, has written for numerous print and ezine publications and has been quoted in the Globe and Mail, Alberta Business Link, Calgary Herald, National Post and Lethbridge Herald as well as in the Canadian SOHO Business and Speaking of Impact magazines. She is listed as an "Expert Author" on ezinearticles.com. 

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She is the author of one paperback book, “Sales suck... NOW WHAT?”, the author and producer of two Audio Books; “The 5 HOUR Entrepreneur” and the “The 4 HOUR Marketer”, as well as more than eight individual "quick learn" audio CDs. These can be purchased through the WOW Store.


Since 1971, Lynda has been involved in a variety of business sectors. Her background has been one of sales management, print and electronic media marketing, media buying and post-secondary instruction in a media, marketing, graphic design, entrepreneurship and multimedia.


Lynda holds credentials in marketing, communications and non-profit management. She is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Program and is a national, professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), as a member of the Calgary chapter.keynote


Lynda has been recognized as a college Distinguished Alumnus and spoke to an audience of over 1000 people at that convocation. In 2005 she was recognized as one of only 100 people chosen to be Alberta Ambassadors during Alberta’s Centennial. She has also received numerous marketing and communications awards. 


Lynda is also VP of WOW Tours International, a travel consulting business. Through either WOW Communications Corp. or WOW Tours International Inc, Lynda has conducted business not only in North America but around the world. See "Where in the world has Lynda been".


onstage2 Lynda’s training sessions are created from her expertise and experiences from her “textbook of life”. She has been involved in sales and marketing since 1972. Her career path has been interesting ...

1.  Her first job, at 17.5 years old, involved sales and purchasing in a cow rendering plant that was also a junk yard.... think about it ... think about it... now think about what that place smelled like in July!!

2.  Next, she was a salesperson, then promoted to sales manager for a steel company buying and selling across North America.

3.  Then, she worked in a variety of media organizations in sales, design and general management (print and electronic).

4.  And then, she worked in public relations and fundraising (selling Motherhood and Apple Pie) for a post-secondary institution.

5.  She progressed into post-secondary instruction on marketing, sales, graphic design, multi-media and non-profit management.

6.  And then finally, in 1994 she started her own sales and marketing company, based out of Lethbridge, providing full-service agency services, branding, coaching and training. WOW opened its Calgary office in 2005.





Presenting at a Conference in Ontario

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Presenting a session called S & M for Marketing (getting into the spirit of the topic) BTW S & M stands for Sales and Marketing

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Cycling in Austria, now that's a tough broad!!!




Lynda the performer!! 

She was destined to be on stage because at the age of 5 months she (Linda Oliver) was in Ripley's Believe It or Not for standing on her grandfather's hand.

The issue went around the world as her Aunt was in Australia at the time and saw the story. The story was also picked up by the local newspaper. 




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