"In Sales and Marketing - It's not about YOU ... It's all about THEM!"

Always remember this statement when thinking of your customers
- Lynda Kavanagh

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salessuck2Paperback Book: Sales Suck... NOW WHAT?

This book was written as a sales and marketing guide for micro, mini and small businesses. The 131 pages are packed full of common sense and easy to understand information that you can implement immediately. Unlike other books that write about million dollar budgets of huge corporations, this book gives case studies of micro businesses with minuscule budgets. But don't take our word for it, check out these reader comments and the media coverage the book received.

Readers' Comments:

"Lynda's book, "Sales Suck... Now What" is a gem! "Sales Suck..." is a fantastic primer for the micro-to-small-business person who needs to understand the basics of sales and marketing. The book is easy to read and jargon-free. It offers an invaluable summary of the differences between sales and marketing, the importance of each, and practical strategies for sales and marketing tactics that really work. Condensed into only 131 pages, it's a quick read that delivers the critical elements of small business sales/marketing for time-crunched entrepreneurs. If you only have time for one book, buy this one." 

-Diane Henders, Bright-ideas.ca Calgary

“I got the book at 5 pm and started reading it immediately. I didn’t get it all finished that night so I got up at 4:30 the next morning to finish it. It is easy to read and provides even easier actionable steps that will get me kick-started again. This is a great book. I’m so glad I bought it.”

-Lesley Colburn Swartz, Pro Plant Care, Lethbridge


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4 HOUR Marketer smAudio Book: The 4 HOUR Marketer

This Audio CD Book is packaged to be a complete resource for businesses or non-profit organizations that have become frustrated with their Marketing. In 4 hours you will understand how to brand your business, how to advertise (without hurting your bank account, how to network and .... how to sell without being a pest! The book is broken into four, one-hour CD segments: Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service.

Reader's Comments:

"Oh my gosh what a godsend. I had found Marketing my business to be so frustrating and after listening to this entertaining and informative audio book, it now makes sense!"

- Jane, Oshawa, Ontario

"Thanks for the Audio Book, I listen to it often when I am on the highway. It is so helpful in reminding me of areas that I want to continue to enhance in my marketing."

- Carol Tilton, Calgary, Alberta


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