"In Sales and Marketing - It's not about YOU ... It's all about THEM!"

Always remember this statement when thinking of your customers
- Lynda Kavanagh



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The photo above is on the French Riviera and shows two CATboats. CATboats were named because they behave like a cat: quick, agile, well-balanced, quiet and they cause little disturbance as they go. CATboats were developed in the early 1800s and were used extensively around Cape Cod for all types of coastal fishing, tourism and local transportation. Some types of CATboats are still used today. 

So, what's that got to do with Sales and Marketing? For our WOW CAT programs, CAT stands for Coaching And Training. We behave like a CATboat; we're quick, accurate and respect your time. Based on whichever WOW CAT program you select, we will find a solution to what hiccups are happening in your Sales and Marketing activities and then set you on a smooth sailing course.

We don't offer Marketing plans!

WHAT? We've been helping businesses and organizations for almost 25 years and what we have found is people don't follow Marketing plans. They want them and are prepared to pay a chunk of money for them, but usually after a few months the plan goes onto a shelf and gets dusty. Why? Because most Marketing plans are created by Marketing people, who don't really know the business. Sure, a few meetings happen and then the Marketing person returns with a nice looking document. But, that approach means the business is not fully involved in the creation of any business planning. We have found that without the investment of time into being part of any planning, the business is not invested. That's why the plan goes onto a shelf to collect dust.

At WOW, we do things differently. We are going to make you work. Below are the WOW CATs we offer but no matter what package you decide is best for your business, you'll be part of the planning. We'll walk you through the questions you need answers, we'll walk you through finding those answers but you will be the one developing your Marketing plan. Our job is to pull all those questions and answers together with our research and knowledge of how Marketing works and provide you with a roadmap of what you need to do to increase revenue and expand your customer base. So, if you aren't prepared to invest your hard earned money and hard earned time, we suggest you talk to another Marketing person that will create a document to collect dust.

Our WOW CAT options are based on the size of your business, your need, your budget and your time commitment. Prices listed are based on all work being conducted in Lethbridge, Alberta and will vary based on the location that is best for you.

The Sales & Marketing WOW CAT Audit:

How often can you get your team together to brainstorm and set your financial, sales and marketing path for the next three years? This program was developed for companies that are working hard but the bottom line is not producing the desired results. If this is you? If it is, then likely you are feeling frustrated because you are spending money on sales and marketing activity but something is just not working - the ROI is not there! You can either continue doing "the same old same old" or you can find out what is holding your company back from increasing revenue and increasing your customer base. The only way to discover what is holding your company back is to get the key team leaders together in a strategy session directed by a sales and marketing guru. (That would be us!). We will ask you to not only invest your budget in this project we will ask you to invest your time. We've divided the time into a combination of workshops and face-to-face meetings that will provide the opportunity to unite your team in making strategic decisions about the future of your company. The end result of your time and financial investment will be a Sales and Marketing Handbook that outlines the areas discussed in the workshop and meetings with recommendations, specifically for your  business, on how to move forward. Pricing vary based on your business and Sales and Marketing issues. Contact us for details at 403 329-0179 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Branding/ ReBranding WOW CAT:

Branding is more than a logo - unless it is on a cow! Branding is one of the most misunderstood words in Marketing because people don't really understand what it is. Some think it is a name, some think it is a logo or some think it is a slogan. Those aren't a Brand and BTW, slogans are dead - anyone who tells you they'll create a slogan for you is working with a 1990 mentality. Many businesses start out with a name and a logo and then go from there thinking they have a Brand.  A name and logo are only part of a Brand. And that approach usually creates a name and logo that are not focused on potential customers' needs. In reality, that is a backward approach to developing a name and logo and usually, those are names and logos end up hindering the business' revenue. Customers buy based on Brand impressions. To create a powerful Brand impression, the business must first define its goals and its overall Brand promise of why the business exists. Then, the business needs to take an in-depth look at its potential customers and what will motivate those customers. From there the business needs to create benefits, key messages and its Unique Selling Position (USP). And only then, should a name be created and a logo developed based on your USP. So, that's the ideal way to start a business and build a Brand, but what about those businesses that already have a name and logo? Even if you have a name and logo that you may have outgrown, or just isn't effective, you can still create an effective Brand around those. Through a combination of workshop and our research, we will walk you through developing your Brand. If you are an established business that already has a name and logo but not a Brand this WOW CAT can help you. Or, if you are a business that wants to change or enhance your name and create a Brand around that name, this WOW CAT can help you. Or, if you are a start-up that wants to create a name, a logo and a company Brand done right at the start, this WOW CAT can help you. Pricing vary based on your Branding or ReBranding, contact us for details at 403 329-0179 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Small WOW CAT Packages:

With all our Small CATs we start with identifying any of the problems or frustrations you may have and address immediate issues. Then we work with you, to create a focus on what Sales and Marketing activities suit your needs and budget. Then finally, we'll train your staff on how to conduct effective Sales and Marketing activity in the future so you aren't tied into a long-term commitment with us. We basically work ourselves out of a job, but of course, we'll always be there for you should you have future questions or need to consult with us on new ideas or strategies.

How our WOW CATs work is you buy a bank of WOW time at a reduced rate from our hourly fee of $150 per hour. Depending on the type of Sales and Marketing help you need and where you are located, some of your time may be used for face-to-face meetings or mini-workshops with WOW; or, some of your time may be used in asking WOW to do specific work such as design, website enhancement or research; or other times our meetings may be through SKYPE, email or telephone. We respect your time so we will find the best ways to communicate and meet with you based on your schedule, not ours. Below are the Small WOW CATs we offer:

  • The Big WOW CAT: 20 hours. Your investment is $2300 ($575 paid over four months) Contact us for details at 403 329-0179 or email
  • The Mini WOW CAT: 15 hours. Your investment is $1800 ($600 paid over three months) Contact us for details at 403 329-0179 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 
  • The Micro WOW CAT: 10 hours. Your investment is $1400 ($700 paid over two months) Contact us for details at 403 329-0179 or email

Some examples of how businesses have used our Small WOW CATs are:

  • If you are an established business and would like to refocus your marketing. Much of the time will be on coaching and then training you or your staff for future marketing activities.
  • If you are seeking training for your staff we first consult with you, next we will develop the training program and then we will present the training. You provide the venue and staff.
  • If you need help setting up, managing or learning Social Media, most of our work would be at your location teaching you how to implement Social Media with your computing system.
  • If you are a business and needs to freshen up your corporate identity including advertising, script templates, logo development, creating a name, Branding or Re-Branding, then most of the time would be spent in our location designing these items for you.

Note: This pricing is a reduction from our $150 per hour fee. Your banked time can be used up to one year after the contract has been signed. The timeframes listed above are for your budgeting purposes only. 

Hey, we warned you that you'll have to do some work!

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