"In Sales and Marketing - It's not about YOU ... It's all about THEM!"

Always remember this statement when thinking of your customers
- Lynda Kavanagh



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The photo above is on the French Riviera and shows two CATboats. CATboats were named because they behave like a cat: quick, agile, well-balanced, quiet and they cause little disturbance as they go. CATboats were developed in the early 1800s and were used extensively around Cape Cod for all types of coastal fishing, tourism and local transportation. Some types of CATboats are still used today.

So, what's that got to do with Sales and Marketing (S & M)? For our WOW CAT programs, CAT stands for Coaching And Training. We behave like a CATboat; we come to you, we're quick, accurate and respect your time. With very little disturbance to you and your staff, we develop a smooth-sailing course for whatever your Sales and Marketing issues are. We start with identifying any of the problems or frustrations you have, we fix any immediate issues, then we will work with you and your budget to set a course for future activities, and then finally, we'll train your staff on how to conduct effective Sales and Marketing activity for your future needs. Of course, we'll always be there for you should you have future questions or need to consult with us on new challenges.

wowcat picHow our WOW CATs work is you buy a bank of WOW time at a reduced rate from our hourly fee of $150 per hour. Depending on the type of Sales and Marketing help you need and where you are located, some of your time may be used for face-to-face meetings, while some of your time may WOW conducting work, design or research on your behalf, while other times our meetings may be through SKYPE, email or telephone. The type of meetings and off-site work will be established at the start of the WOW CAT program. We respect your time so we will work with your schedule and the best ways to communicate and meet.

We follow best practices in the coaching industry by providing you with a written report on areas discussed or time used, and, if applicable, a “to do” list for either WOW or you. Some examples of how CATS are used:  

· If you are an established business and would like to refocus your marketing. Much of the time will be on coaching and then training you or your staff for future marketing activities. 
· If you are seeking training for your staff we first consult with you, next we will develop the training program and then we will present the training. You provide the venue and staff.
· If you need help setting up, managing or learning Social Media, most of our work would be at your location teaching you how to implement Social Media with your computing system.
· If you are a business and needs to freshen up your corporate identity including advertising or script templates, then most of the time would be spent in our location designing these items for you.

With every WOW CAT purchased we provide you with an audio book called “The 4Hour Marketer”. This is useful for retention of the areas we discussed in our meetings. If appropriate we may encourage you to try our Virtual On-Demand Training Videos Training at https://wowcommunications.ca/store. Once we have completed our contract should you require additional WOW CAT services we offer a discount of 10%. Our WOW CAT pricing and banked times are: 

· The Micro WOW CAT: 10 hours, budget amount $700 for two months.  
· The Mini WOW CAT: 15 hours, budget amount of $650 for three months.  
· The Small WOW CAT: 20 hours, budget amount of $600 for four months.   

Note: This pricing is a reduction from our $150 per hour fee. Your banked time can be used up to one year after the contract has been signed. The timeframes listed above are for your budgeting purposes. 

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