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You have reached the online video course division of WOW Communications & Training. Smart move! This site offers great video courses that you can take any time, any where with any device.

The business world is going through some turbulent economic times. Now, more than ever, it is essential for everyone to know as much about business as possible and that means upgrading and learning new skills. But, the biggest drawbacks to business training have always been the costs and time away from work! Video On-Demand means you learn new business skills through video courses, when it is convenient for you - not when a workshop is running. With Video-On-Demand Business training, there are no conference fees, no travel costs and no time away from work. With Video-On-Demand training entrepreneurs, managers, staff and students can upgrade their knowledge and learn business, sales and marketing techniques anywhere and at any time. 

These easy-to-watch videos, with bits of humour distributed throughout, can be taken at your convenience - anywhere and at any time. All you need is a device connected to the Internet. And, the statistics indicate this type of training works better for learning and retention because with any WOW On-Demand BusinessTraining videos, your purchase price allows access to your course as often as you like over a one-year period. You'll never get that type of retention with any type of traditional conference or workshop training.

icon4"I would recommend WOW's online courses. They are excellent! Our first course was Social Media 101 and it was well presented and had very good and thoughtful ideas as to how to use Social Media for business. It is a must for anyone who uses Social Media."

Don O'Brien, CPA, CGA, CIA, 

icon4"I love the humor in these videos. Don't get me wrong they have lots of good and usable content but learning about how to run my business has never been this fun before. Keep it up, I'm thirsty for knowledge!"

- Carol Armstrong, Whitefish, Montana

icon4"I have purchased lots of Lynda's nice and short online Videos; great stuff to get you educated on the huge spectrum of marketing. She also wrote an awesome Book called Sales Suck. It is an easy read and even easier actionable steps that got this almost three-decade entrepreneur kick-started again."

- Lesley Colburn Schwartz, ProPlantCare.com, Lethbridge, Alberta

icon4 "As part of my new position, my employer has asked me to be involved with the sales process. I have viewed several of your courses. I find them easy to follow and I have gotten some good tips. Thanks. 

- Cari, Lethbridge, Alberta


Let's talk about prices. These On-Demand Training videos are priced so any small business or individual can access multiple learning videos at an inexpensive cost and we have grouped them based on how much time you have available. Video sessions range from three - 40 minutes:

  • $4.99 for videos under 5 minutes
  • $9.99 for videos 5 - 10 minutes
  • $14.99 for videos over 10 minutes.
  • All Audio training sessions are $4.99 and range from 45 - 70 minutes.

But don't think these videos don't provide good, solid and practical information. We've been in training and coaching businesses on these topics for over 21 years and we'd never jeopardize our reputation without producing quality training products.

How does this WOW Store work?

Please check our FAQ page to the left for details and suggestions on how to use this site but basically, these learning videos are provided in either an audio or video format using bullet points, images and often photos from around the world. (Like "This Leadership Sucks" is filmed at Napoleon's Tomb in Paris).All you need to view and access your learning video is a computer or device that has a browser connected to the Internet and is able to display video.  Browse through the learning videos either by using the "Category" links, top left, by looking through "New products" below and below left, or by typing keyword(s) about the type of skill you are looking for in the "Search box", top left. When you find a learning video you like, click on the link to see a description of areas covered in the training video, the length of the video and the price.

Once you have selected your learning video, you can pay for it through PayPal or through Credit Cards or continue looking at the other videos. Then come back to the checkout and process your payment. Once the payment has been processed, the last check out window will display the DOWNLOAD links to your learning video or videos as you can purchase multiple courses in one transaction.  Your purchase includes accessing your videos three times over one year - accessing means opening the file. (So don't open it until you are ready to watch some of the learning video.)

Please view our FAQ section to the left for answers to:

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Please bookmark this site and come back often as we have courses coming online weekly. If you would like to be notified of new courses, email us.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent these online courses through the descriptions offered on this site. Our testimonials are provided to us unrequested and are the opinion of the writer. It is our hope these courses provide information that you can adapt to your business. If you would like any of these topics personalized to your business, please look at our WOW CAT (Consulting And Training) services.  

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