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Now that websites are primarily built using Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify,  rather than code-based software (Dreamweaver, Content 5). Many business people prefer CMS because it allows them to easily update their website. This session is the first in a three-part series of SEO for Do it Yourselfers (DIYs) who have either designed their own website using a CMS, had a student or friend design the website or had a professional web designer design it. Unfortunately, not every business actually owns their website (url/ domain name). That is scary but in our coaching businesses, our ask to a client is if they own their website. Seven out of 10 don't. this is a problem if you ever want to move your site, your webmaster disappears without leaving your website information, or your webmaster doesn't pay your registration fees. If any of those happen, you may not be able to take possession of YOUR WEBSITE! 

  • Do you own your own domain?
  • Who owns your hosting?
  • Are you registered with Google? Analytics?
  • Do you own your CMS template?

It is absolutely essential for small businesses to have a website. Many small businesses find they can save money by building their site themselves or having someone develop it for them and then the small business does the updating. This is good, but make sure that your SEO is working so people you know your business is online.  

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  • 40 - 60% less employee time required than traditional
  • 25 - 60% retention rates (traditional 8-10%
  • 5 times more material absorbed inless time
  • $30 return for every $1 invested
  • 900% growth in elearning