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So, you have these great products or services, now you have to figure out the Marketing strategies to get your message out to the people who will buy. Here is a realism that many businesses hate -  If you don't tell people you ready for them to buy from you, they won't know.  It is another reality that you have to Market. What strategies you use will depend on your time and your budget. In this course, we will discuss what we feel are the six primary ways to get your message out. Some will cost you time. Others will cost you money. Some are assertive strategies and others are passive strategies. At any given time, most managers and entrepreneurs will do two or three of these strategies at the same time. It is essential that you tell potential customers that you are here and ready to help them with your products and service. 

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  • 40 - 60% less employee time required than traditional
  • 25 - 60% retention rates (traditional 8-10%
  • 5 times more material absorbed inless time
  • $30 return for every $1 invested
  • 900% growth in elearning