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Oh my gosh. Have you ever been to one of those events that are called "Business Networking" and you get stuck in the corner with someone trying to sell you something? Yikes! I have. One time I was in Calgary and this woman walked in wearing coveralls that had large black and white dots all over them. She was determined to sell me some of her coveralls - she even had photos of the different style she made. I was dressed like everyone else in the room, in a suit.  I could not get away from her, even though I told her that I have never, and would never wear coveralls. She just kept selling and eventually backed up against a wall and I couldn't escape. Sadly, she thought she was Networking. She was not! This course will explain the protocol and etiquette involved in the six main Networking methods and the protocol and etiquette each method expects.Not following the group's specific rules can cause your business and, your personal reputation, considerable damage. The methods discussed in this course are: 

  • Community Service Organizations
  • Mix & Mingle Events
  • Meet-up Groups
  • Referral Networking
  • Professional / Trades Organizations
  • Gender Groups

This course outlines each of these Networking opportunities and the way you should conduct yourself. For many small businesses without large budgets, Networking is a great opportunity to share their story and let people know what the business is all about. But, ya gotta Network right!   

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  • 40 - 60% less employee time required than traditional
  • 25 - 60% retention rates (traditional 8-10%
  • 5 times more material absorbed inless time
  • $30 return for every $1 invested
  • 900% growth in elearning