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Learning any new skill is daunting especially anything that has to do with technology. Welcome to Social Media. We have all kinds of stats that talk about the benefits and cost-effectiveness in conducting Social Media Marketing, but there are still many businesses that find any excuse not to learn how to market through Social Media channels. Areas discussed in this course are: 

  • What is Social Media Marketing? What is it not?
  • Traditional Marketing vs Social Media Marketing (time vs money)
  • Online stats on types of Social Media uses
  • Engaging online customers
  • Social media policies

Social Media is here to stay. The names of the channels and platforms may change but the concept will stay. If you don't have a lot of money to Market your business then you better take the time to learn Social Media and how to find your potential online customers. 

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  • 40 - 60% less employee time required than traditional
  • 25 - 60% retention rates (traditional 8-10%
  • 5 times more material absorbed inless time
  • $30 return for every $1 invested
  • 900% growth in elearning