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  • PAPERBACK BOOK - 131 pages
  • $18.95 (plus GST and $5.30 shipping)

Surviving in the ups and downs of business is often an overwhelming feat. But wait, help is on the way and it will cost you under 20 bucks! That help comes in the way of a practical sales and marketing book written specifically for Canadian businesses.

Lynda Kavanagh, a sales and marketing consultant operating in Canada since 1994, has published her first paperback book, "Sales suck…NOW WHAT?” The book is 131 pages. “I wanted to write a book that wasn’t like any of the sales and marketing books I had ever looked at. This book doesn't talk about or give examples of businesses with million dollar budgets. I wanted it to be relevant to the micro, mini and small business owners and managers.” Kavanagh says her book focuses on helping business people clarify the difference between sales and marketing, and to understand how sales is only one component of marketing. 

And, according to one mini business run by Lesley Colburn-Swartz the book was a welcome read. Colburn-Swartz has owned Pro Plant Care in Lethbridge for over 20 years and she says the common sense advice offered in Kavanagh’s book is long overdue and refreshingly exciting. “I got the book at 5pm and started reading it immediately. I didn’t get it all finished that night so I got up at 4:30 the next morning to finish it. It is easy to read and provides even easier actionable steps that got me kick-started again. This is a great book. I’m so glad I bought it.”

Reviews of Sales Suck... Now What?

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  • 40 - 60% less employee time required than traditional
  • 25 - 60% retention rates (traditional 8-10%
  • 5 times more material absorbed inless time
  • $30 return for every $1 invested
  • 900% growth in elearning