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Finding the RIGHT Speaker:

Whether it's a training session, a workshop, a motivational event or a conference, finding that "perfect" speaker is essential. To make any event a success, two things need to happen: Participants are open to learning and the speaker is talented enough to evoke a positive learning experience for the participants. Therefore, anyone organizing a speaking or training event has two options: Hiring an expert in the topic field or hiring a professional speaker.

Hiring an expert in a topic field ensures participants, and the speaker, will have something in common. Unfortunately, rarely can an organization find an expert who also understands the mechanics of training and thus, can guide the participants through a systematic learning experience. The result is a jumble of information presented in a random way that is not conducive to learning. Experts, who are not trained in education and learning styles, tend to not recognize, or understand, that participants are not on the same knowledge level as the "expert". (If they were, why would they be at a training session?) 

The second option organizations have is to hire a professional speaker. From experience, these speakers are comfortable in front of people and their presentations are smooth. They know how to keep people interested and they understand how people learn and what motivates learning. A professional speaker is educated to recognize the three types of learning styles, and the speaker will incorporate those motivators into each session. But… not always are they experts in the topic field. Most certainly professional speakers never come into a workshop without mountains of research done in preparation, but that research is often book-related research, not practical experience.

At WOW, we know there are lots of speakers to choose from. But participants have told us that our sessions are different from most. Why? Because our facilitators have decades of real-life experience and teach from the “textbook of life”. Our facilitators have lived the lessons they present. They have put their reputations on the line time and again and succeeded. We’ve been told that is what makes our sessions so effective … and we are funny and entertaining!

CAPS expertWe are not only experts in the topic fields we present; we are polished and professional speakers with credentials and years of speaking and training experience. We are long-time members of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). We never accept speaking or training engagements that are outside our areas of expertise. We have developed training series that focus on this expertise and knowledge, that are delivered in a training, workshop or conference presentation format. Details on these series can be found at www.wowcommunications.ca, click on Training.

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