"In Sales and Marketing - It's not about YOU ... It's all about THEM!"

Always remember this statement when thinking of your customers
- Lynda Kavanagh

Onsite Training

"Train people well enough that they can leave... but treat them well and they won't want to."

- Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines


Probably one of the biggest objections we hear about training is "I don't want to invest in training because my staff will just leave." When we hear that we think "OH OH" because often we are called in after the damage to a business has been done from an untrained workforce. In those cases, the company now has to invest in training, but also in a marketing campaign to fix the negative impressions that customers may have developed because the staff was not trained properly.CAPS Lyndasm

As a long-time member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Calgary Chapter), WOW trains on all aspects of sales and marketing communications. Our sessions are strong in content, motivational in style and always humourous. We also use photos of our world travels (lots of boats, oceans and seas) in our presentations to reinforce key points. Not only does this presentation style make our sessions interesting, it is extremely effective for retention learning. We offer two methods of training: customized training and online video training courses. Our customized training is where we take our tried and tested workshops and personalize them for the needs of our clients. As you can see in this photo we dress for the topic. (The photo to the righ is a session called "S & M for business! In case you were thinking something else - S & M means Sales and Marketing).

Lynda Kavanagh is the primary presenter of training sessions. (Read her profile) D'Arcy is kept quite busy writing murder mysteries but he is available to present if Lynda's schedule doesn't allow, or he presents on "Writing your book", and a variety of travel presentations. See D'Arcy's details at http://www.wowtours.com.

  WOW's training testimonials / WOW's Online training topics 

The WOW training process:

Canadian Home BuildersWhat a dilemma! For anyone considering hiring a speaker/trainer they can either hire a content expert who may not be able to engage the audience, or they can hire a professional speaker who may not be able to relate to the audience because of a limited understanding of the content! We are both. We do not ever, ever, ever speak or train on a topic that we are not completely knowledgeable on. And, we don't ever present a training session or presentation without doing mega research into the audience, their needs and what the desired result of the training should be.

Lynda is also certified by Hubspot Academy as an Inbound Marketing Expert. The Inbound Marketing Certification acknowledges the recipient's proficiency in Inbound Marketing principals and best practices. These principles include: blogging, social media, search engine optimization (SEO) lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis. In order to receive the Inbound Marketing Certification, the recipient must pass a comprehensive certification exam with a score of 75% or higher. The Honors Distinction is awarded to graduates with an exceptional understanding of inbound marketing. The top 15% of exam takers with a 90% score or higher receive this honor. Lynda received the Honor's Distinction.

We feel our job is to: Educate... Inspire...  Entertain... Provoke Thought!

CanGift2016We've been doing this a long time and so we know that just being content experts is not enough. We know exactly how to engage an audience by inspiration, entertainment and thought-provoking questions and activities. Our sessions are high on content and motivational in style and tone. Those who have hired us for training say that they have seen an increase in" "productivity, profits, performance, communication, employee retention and happier customers and employees".

We understand that storytelling is an essential part of any training but we don't just tell stories, we tell stories that our audiences can relate to, and even see themselves as part of the story. Our signature store is about the sales process and involves the story of Lynda purchasing pink suede boots in Munich, Germany. Note: Many of our topics are based on our Book "Sales suck... NOW WHAT?". We have broken each section down into individual workshops both online and customized. We can provide these topics for start-up entrepreneurs, established businesses, not-for-profit organizations and professional independent business people.

We are professional:

Any speaker, trainer, keynote or facilitator should be a member of an appropriate professional organization. We are members of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, National Association of Professional Speakers, Global Speakers Federation and Espeakers. We have been quoted as a sales and marketing expert in "Speaking of Impact" the national magazine representing the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. We also follow the CAPs Code of Ethics.


Training Topics:

We hold the copyright of over 50 training workshops, below are 10 of our most popular sessions. These sessions form the basis of our workshops but we take these basics and personalize each workshop. We have never, and will continue to never, not personalize a workshop for the audience and our clients' needs.

Nothing happens until someone sells something Digital Etiquette (Digital Citizenship) Social Media (101 - Advanced)
(sessions can be tailored to specific Social Media Channels
Sales Suck... now what? You six-point Marketing Plan
Branding - what is your promise Networking Business Etiquette Market Research Marketing Bootcamp


  • How do you define success?
  • Change - small bite sized pieces


WOW Training Testimonials:

These are just a few of our training testimonials, others can be found on our Testimonial page.

Gillian Nish, execuserv plus inc. Pheebie, Wetaskiwin Coop - Conference Training Participant


microphone"Lynda, your workshop was a great asset to our sales team. Thank you, for the wealth of content and engaging the group with your excellent presentation skills. I was especially impressed that you took the time to understand our business and customize the training session to our particular group. The workshop has definitely improved our sales team's knowledge, skills and confidence in consultative marketing".
Human Resources, Sharper Cards, Calgary

"Thank you for presenting at both our Edmonton and Toronto Canadian Gift Shows. The response to your sessions was fabulous we had many people telling us how down to earth and easy to implement sales, marketing and social media tips were. Many asked if you will be back in future shows - we said YES!"
- Carolyne Hoshooley, Canadian Gift Shows

"I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation today in Cochrane on Sales and Social Media. You were by far the best presenter so far. I got more out of your class today than the last 5 classes. You really were a huge help."
- Jesse Schpakowski, Wilderness Photography, http://www.wildernessphotos.ca

“I really enjoyed your Marketing Bootcamp session, you are right on the mark with your presentation. I also wanted to tell you that taking the time to listen to your audio CD “Anchors Away, Sales for the Terrified” was one of the best things I have done to kick start my business. I was struggling with selling my services, and after meeting you and listening to this CD, you gave me the confidence I needed to approach sales in a new way. I felt like you were right in my SUV with me, saying exactly what I needed to hear! The tips and strategies I learned from you have really helped me to grow my business. Thank you again for helping me get over my fear of selling, I look forward to sharing my successes with you as my company grows and matures".
- Sincerely Nancy Smith, Calgary

"I recently attended a Technology Session presented by Lynda Kavanagh of WOW Communications. The information provided was excellent. Lynda not only provided stats of what is happening in Social Media but provided the tools so that we may apply these Marketing Tips to create more Business. Lots of people are talking Social Media but Lynda has the knowledge of how to make it work. If you are in business, I encourage you to sign up for one of her sessions, and increase your bottom line."
- Vicky Miller, owner, Honkers Pub & Eatery Ltd., http://www.honkerspub.com

"Thanks Lynda for your very informative workshop on Social Media Etiquette. Social media is now part of the workplace and your presentation on etiquette educated us on the do's, don'ts and bloopers of social media. Thanks....well done!"
- Jane Brenner, Executive Director Taber Adult Learning http://www.taberadultlearning.com

"We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you took to plan and deliver excellent and thought-provoking session information during the Travel Alberta Conference. Your willingness to share your experience, expertise and knowledge helped provide participants with a valuable, practical learning experience. The Evaluations for the conference have been very positive."
- Sincerely Niesa Silzer, Conference Coordinator, Details Convention and Event Management

"Thank you for presenting your sessions at the Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association conference. The comments were very good about you and the topic. You rated anywhere from 4 - 6, with 6 being the best. I would definitely like to work with you again in the future."
- Maurizia Hinse, Coordinator Alberta Weekly Newspaper Symposium, Edmonton

"Lynda, your session was so great. The team cannot stop talking about everything that they have learned and I've already had ideas submitted for ways to change our advertising. Your session really helped to end our meetings on a very positive note and I really appreciated your tips as well as your customization of the workshop."
-Stacy Johnson, Canada Safeway, Calgary

"I loved the week with you (sessions on Entrepreneurship of Market Research, Marketing, Sales and Networking) – you are fabulous and I learned a tremendous amount, and your teaching made me have zillions more to think about. Thanks – like I’ve got to quit thinking and start getting some sleep now!!!!"
- Freddi Dogterom, FreddiSpeaks.com Note: Freddi also bought our book Sales Suck... Now what?

"I have really appreciated the knowledge that you have and are willing to share with us during those three-day Entrepreneurial training sessions. I have found it has already come in handy a time or two.... or twenty!!"
- Alicia Williams, Lethbridge

"Thank you for presenting the "WOW" concept on employability. Your dynamic way of teaching inspired us all to succeed and strive to become better employees. PS we also enjoyed the company of your teaching companion Peanut."
- Youth Employment Program, Taber Adult Learning
- Note: Peanut is a curly haired Jack Russel who is also trained in Pet Therapy. We occasionally bring her if we feel she can be helpful to the audience.

"Thank you for speaking to us about Social Media Ettiquette, Business Etiquette and Dealing with Difficult People. I will use this information in all my future workplaces. I found all the things you told us were very interesting and made me think of my behaviour in the past. Thank you very much."
Brett, Taber Adult Learning Youth Employment student

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