"In Sales and Marketing - It's not about YOU ... It's all about THEM!"

Always remember this statement when thinking of your customers
- Lynda Kavanagh

WOW's Popular Topics

WOW Communications & Training - Most popular topics.

We have listed these to provide you with a feel for the work we offer, but all sessions are customized for the audience (small business, entrepreneurs, professional salespeople, retail), and can be adapted or enhanced for your timeframe (two or one-day workshop, three or one-hour breakout sessions). Also, note that all our sessions can be enhanced with a coaching component after the session. This coaching can be face-to-face, Skype or online conference technology.

Sales Marketing General Business Keynote
Sales suck... NOW WHAT?  WOW Marketing Tips (10, 25, 35, 50+)  Someone's always watching - Modern Business Etiquette  Dealing with Change: (This is an interactive Keynote with audience participation - 45 minutes)
Prospecting - it's not about you, it's all about them Sink or Swim your Brand will decide  The six different ways to Network What's the definition of success? (Highly motivational 45 minutes)
No means NO ... or does it  Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing  Managing your Digital Footprint  Yes you can! (Starting a business, highly motivational, 45 minuntes)
S & M for business (Sales and Marketing understanding the difference) Don't know... Don't guess. Market Research  We've lost that lovin' feeling - Customer Service  Seven days in Paris
 Digital Selling

 Marketing Bootcamp

 Social Media - the ultimate in Inbound Marketing  Cycling the Danube River
 Sales Boot camp

 Crash Course in Marketing

 Demystifying Social Media The wonders of travelling in Spain
     Social Media Etiquette  Cycling and Scotch Whiskey touring in Scotland
     What the Tweet - Learning Twitter  

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