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Is your Brand a Unicorn Brand …

…or just an average horse Brand?

If you watched the above video you may be interested to know where the Unicorn concept came from. WOW Communications & Training’s president, Lynda D. Kavanagh was presenting to a group of business owners about building buyer profiles. Throughout the presentation, she kept reminded the group that buyer profiles must always be part of a business or organization’s Brand.  After the session, a man approached her and said he was still struggling to understand Branding. His business was 13 years old.

Lynda told him a business/organization’s Brand has to capture the interest of potential buyers by telling a story about the business at every touchpoint that its potential customers come in contact with. The story has to be told through a variety of ways and senses, and it has to be authentic, emotional, easy to remember and consistent.  

For some weird reason, the idea of a Unicorn popped into Lynda’s head.  She asked this gentleman if he saw a Unicorn running with other horses, would that capture his interest? His response was an enthusiastic “For sure.”

She asked why?

He said because Unicorns are so different than horses.  She told him a business/organization’s Brand has to be unique, emotional and memorable, but it can’t be average like a horse. It has to be a Unicorn.  

What came next?

That 2018 conversation motivated Lynda to write and publish a book in 2020. It is called “Be THE Unicorn, it starts with your Brand”.   Writing a book is not an easy task but Lynda said that over the last 25 years she and the rest of us at WOW Communications & Training have encountered many frustrated small, mini and micro-businesses through our training, coaching and webinars.

Everyone at WOW hates it when they hear how businesses/organizations have become frustrated by wasting precious time and money. The frustration starts when these businesses/organizations are employing Sales techniques, but not seeing a rate of return. So, they try some different Sales techniques but they aren’t sure if those work either. It doesn’t matter how good those Sales techniques are; if a business/organization hasn’t developed a Brand to be the foundation for future Marketing and Sales, then the entire business/organization will be negatively affected. 

Many businesses/organizations we have encountered think they have a Brand because they have a name and a logo. Although those are important, they’re just components of a  Brand. No wonder those businesses/organizations become frustrated.

Are you an average horse?

The connection between Unicorns and your business/organization is all about breaking through the clutter of messages bombarding people every day. Your business/organization can’t break through this clutter by having an “average” Brand. Your Brand needs to be so special that people will remember, and talk about, what makes your business so special.

For your business/organization to survive and grow, it must have a Brand that is memorable; in short, your Brand needs to be a Unicorn. Having a Unicorn Brand means being so distinctive that when people are exposed to it, they’ll want more information and be eager to share that information about your business/organization and its Brand with others.  How great would that be? How much money could you save by having others talk about your business and your Brand instead of you spending it on implementing your Brand?  

WOW Communications & Training Corp. will help you develop your Brand so your Marketing and Sales are more effective. As a Brand Strategy company, we do that through coaching, training and books

WOW Brand Strategy


Online coaching

Our Brand coaching process can be provided through face-to-face coaching, strategy workshops or remote coaching. (We have the technology to coach online anywhere and anytime in the world.)  During the uncertainty of business because of COVID-19, now more than ever, a company’s Brand needs to be solid, authentic and relevant. It has been proven that outside, experienced and objective business coaching is effective for those who are wasting precious time surfing for free help or taking advice from YouTube people who rarely get paid for that advice.   


WorkshopAs long-term members of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, we know how important training is to businesses and organizations. But the training method and delivery will only be successful if it matches the learning style of individuals and businesses, as well as the delivery model. For conferences, whether they are in a large or small facility or if offered remotely, we have the knowledge to match these delivery modes with understanding how people learn in each setting. Our sessions are full of content, high energy and humour with storytelling to reinforce key points. We also provide corporate training for business. All our training topics are on Branding and how Branding connects with Marketing goals and Sales techniques.


Sometimes all you need is direction on a specific business topic. Our previously recorded Webinars are quick and easy ways to enhance the areas of running a business that you are not expert in. Under our Books section, you can find inexpensive Paperback books. Our “Be THE Unicorn, it starts with your Brand” is a workbook where you are the active participant in developing, refreshing or diversifying your Brand. Our “Sales suck… NOW WHAT”? book will help you set Marketing goals and personal Sales using effective methods. Under our training area, you can access Online Learning Modules and some free resources. Get a free copy of our Kick-start your Marketing webinar by signing up for our newsletter. 


“You were my favorite teacher during the three-days you presented at the entrepreneurial program took. I still operate my baking business along with online business and cleaning business in Crowsnest Pass." 

Shannon Houde, Sweets Candied, Crowsnest Pass

"I have so appreciated Lynda's professionalism, quick response time and talent in Marketing and design. She has made my job much easier and organized by systematically handling all calls from media. She has ensured that all programs are marketed in a timely and attractive fashion. The Marketing plan she developed was with research and rationale for all decisions made. The Marketing plan has proven effective and the numbers of calls for services with reference to…

Crystal Elliott, Executive Director Family Centre

"Lynda, your workshop was a great asset to our sales team. Thank you, for the wealth of content and engaging the group with your excellent presentation skills. I was especially impressed that you took the time to understand our business and customize the training session to our particular group. The workshop has definitely improved our sales team's knowledge, skills and confidence in consultative marketing".

Lauren, HR Sharper Cards, Calgary

We are happy to invite you back to teach for a third contract in our Young Entrepreneur Program. The students have found your topics on Dealing with Difficult People and Digital Etiquette very helpful for their next career move.

Jane Brenner, Taber Adult Learning

"You've got great energy! I love the stories especially the one about the Pink Suede Boots! You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for you being you."

Tracey Soltes, Entrepreneurial Training Student

"We've been fortunate to have Lynda share her expertise with our Self Employment Program clients on several occasions. She always wows the group with her insights and practical suggestions and is especially skilled at relating to new entrepreneurs. Lynda is welcome back anytime!"

Patricia Alderson, Self-employment Program Manager, Community Futures Centre West