~~A Brand is not a LOGO... unless it is on a cow

Let's learn the right way to Brand


A Brand is not a logo … unless it is on a cow. ©

Branding is so misunderstood. People think because their business has a name and a logo, then that means they have a Brand. NO. Although a business’ name and logo are important, they are just a small aspect of what goes into making a Brand – and actually a good name is the result of all the Brand and Marketing Strategy being done BEFORE you create your name and logo.

In this WOW Webinar, we will introduce you to how your Brand is the foundation of your business. If that foundation is not strong, then trying to build on that foundation will eventually cause problems and your Brand will become fragile. Having a fragile Brand means you will have to spend time and money fixing problems. Let’s get your Brand right! 

NOTE: Be prepared to work in this Webinar, we will show you the basics of how to begin building your Brand foundation with exercises that you can start during the webinar – sharpen your pencil! And, yes, there will be homework!

If you find you need additional help, please pop over to our Brand Development section, we can develop a program specifically to find YOUR Brand.
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