Why WOW?

Why should you rely on WOW Communications & Training for your Branding, Marketing and Sales

WOW Fun FactWhile Nessie may still be the Highlands’ most notable mythical creature, Scotland’s national animal is the Unicorn.  King James III issued a number of coins from 1460 – 1488 depicting Unicorns. Scotland celebrates National Unicorn Day each April 9. Since 2015, some parts of the United States have also celebrated this Unicorn Day. (uncommongoods.com)

WOW FACT: A sighting of a Unicorns or of Nessie will make people stop and pay attention. Having a Unicorn Brand will make people pay attention and they will be eager to tell others about your business. That’s a great thing! 

WOW’s promise to our customers

We offer Brand strategy help that will ensure our customers’ sales and marketing efforts are more effective and produce the desired results.

Our clients like that we take away the frustrations they have on these business functions because they are spending money on sales and marketing techniques but don’t see a return on investment.

It is important for us to offer our Brand strategy help in a variety of ways and budgets. Whether it is low-cost video tips, paperback books, Webinars or short or long-term coaching, we have a method that will take those frustrations away so you can focus on your business. 

Our Brand and why we exist.

Besides respecting the uniqueness of Unicorns, we also love the waterways which are good because oceans, seas and boats have become part of our Brand. This photo shows the coast of Sardinia – two boats dead in the water as another boat speeds towards them bringing help. What happened that stopped the two boats from moving forward?

Maybe the engines were not powerful enough or they stopped working because the engines had been neglected.  Maybe all the components that operate the boats were not working smoothly together, or maybe the captains did not have enough experience to handle the boat properly.  There could be a variety of reasons why the boats are dead in the water but the bottom line is – there are two boats that aren’t going anywhere and trouble is looming.

But, when a boat’s engine performs properly then a strategy can be developed of where to go, how to get there and how long the journey will take. This makes everyone feel safe, eliminates wasted time and energy and it creates a smooth and pleasant journey. 

At WOW Communications & Training we like to be the speeding boat racing to help.  If your business’ engine (sales and marketing) isn’t working properly, that most likely has to do with your Brand. Our job is to provide clear direction and help in setting the right course for owners or management teams by developing, focusing or diversifying their Brand, creating their Blueprint for Marketing, and then, helping them to implement their Brand and through Sales. While setting the stage for these activities, we train our customers on how to navigate the, sometimes turbulent waters of Branding, Marketing and Sales for their future needs. 

In our personal lives, we are obsessed with boats, oceans and seas, but we believe a business is similar to a waterway – unique and ever-changing. You’re the captain of your business, be it a big ocean liner, a small sailboat or a mini-motor boat, and you need to ensure your business’ security by steering it in the right direction. Perhaps one of our WOW services can set you on the right course and take away your Branding, Marketing or Sales frustrations. Coaching, Training or Books.

We are the speeding boat ready to help.

To show everyone needs help, captains of boats and owners of businesses


Learn more about our team:

Lynda Kavanagh / D’Arcy Kavanagh

We have long-term relationships…

WOW Communications & Training as well as Lynda & D’Arcy have been hired by other companies to provide our services to those companies’ clients. We continue to appreciate our long-term contracts with these companies, so examples of the type of business that hires us to work with their clients are:
  • Lynda is a consultant for the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) since 1996, helping its clients with Branding, Sales and Marketing coaching and training. On BDC’s behalf, we have travelled throughout Alberta, to Whitehorse, Yellowknife and communities in BC and, through virtual coaching, have worked with BDC clients across Canada.


  • execuserv plus inc., is a company that provides management consulting services and self-employment training. Lynda works as a coach and trainer for it since 2000. D’Arcy has worked for execuserv since 2015


  • Taber Adult Learning is an organization that provides learning opportunities for adults and youth in southeastern Alberta. Lynda has provided training for the organization since 1994.  

We have other organizations, that prefer confidentiality, where we provide coaching services to their clients under the umbrella of these organizations.