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Advisory Meetings: 4 – 6:30 ish pm (If you can not make a meeting please advise the hostess asap.

Meeting Dates:

  • July 20 **** not July 13 – Heather’s home 2202 – 26 Avenue S.
  • August 17 – Mandy’s home 26 Thyrza Burkyette Place North
  • September 21 – Lynda’s home office 305 Kings Bay S.
  • **** Tuesday, October 20 – Loralee TBA
  • November 17 – Lesley’s home office
  • December?
  • January – Vicky
  • February – Heather
  • March – Mandy
  • April – Lynda
  • May – Loralee
  • June – Lesley

** Anyone can’t make a meeting because of out of town on work or holidays, we could always do a GoToMeeting through webcams. Just let me know. 

Contact numbers:

  • Lynda: Cell 403 3150240 / WOW Communications & Training: 403 329-0179. 305 Kings Bay S.
  • Vicky: Cell 403 382-9589 / Honkers Pub & Eatery: 403 327-9405
  • Lesley: Cell 403 320-0030
  • Loralee: Cell: 403 634-9007 /Insight LLP 403 524-487
  • Mandy Dececco-Kolebaba Cell 403 393-7797
  • Heather Tytula Cell 403 331-9608

Honourary member:

  • Gillian: Cell 403 3085906 / execuserv plus inc: 403 320560

Membership Criteria:

1. Members must be a minimum of five years in business.
2. Members must be the primary owner of the business.
3. Members must be working in this business full time.
4. Members must be respectful in voice and attitude to other Advisory Group Members. Meetings are business focused.
5. Meetings will be monthly from 4 – 6:30ish, rotating to individual member’s locations. Each member will have 20 minutes to talk about their business’ successes, failures, highlights, new ideas, etc. From time to time, members may request additional time. Majority of meetings will be the third Monday of each month, unless otherwise specified. Meetings may be suspended in July and August but members can meet individually or call a “special” meeting if an urgent issue needs to be addressed.
6. Members must come to meeting prepared to discuss their individual businesses but also be prepared to assist other members. Member input must be both give and take. Members will endeavour to support the other members by sharing and commenting Social Media posts and being alert to opportunities for the other members.
7.  Absolute confidentiality is expected on all items discussed in the meetings (business and personal). Should that confidentiality be breached, the member will be asked to leave the group. 
 Members must commit to coming to meetings, exclusions are holidays, out of town business, extreme family emergency. More than three consecutive missed meetings may indicate suspension from the group, or members can become honorary members. A Member may be asked to leave the group with 66% of the Members voting (ie 4 out of 6).
. Cancellation of attendance at a meeting must be 24 hours before the meeting out of respect for the hostess as the time frame dictates that appropriate food and beverages (based on member’s tastes, allergies, etc.) are to be provided by the host member. Members agree to reply to communications from other members ASAP.
. The Advisory group should be kept to a maximum of 6 people, but this may change based on the decisions of the entire group. New prospects may be brought in by first advising the current members of the prospect and why the inviting member feels that the person would be an addition to the group. The inviting member then approaches that prospect and invites them to a meeting, informing them that this is not a guarantee of membership. Prospects may attend a maximum of two meetings and must receive a unanimous vote of entry from other members.
. Lynda will continue to be the “grand pooba” or president of the group and coordinate and communicate with the members. The Advisory Group’s website is: and will list schedules, contact information and any other relevant information.


Meeting Format & Agenda:

The format is flexible and primarily driven by the members. Lynda will act as the facilitator while each member has approximately 15 minutes to talk about business, once everyone has had a chance to talk the meeting can move to more of a discussion format. The hostess for the meeting will provide appropriate beverages as well as sufficient food to address the partaking of the aforementioned beverages.