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Brand Foundation


the underlying basis or principle that supports something

Just like building a house, a business needs to build its Brand. This is Step 1 in Developing your Brand Foundation© for your business and it doesn’t matter if you are a start-up needing to create a Brand, or an established business where you need to freshen it up or diversify. Without a strong, well-thought-out Brand, your business will not have a clear focus. Without a focus, you will find you are spending money on Marketing and without that clear focus you are out there asking for business, but you seem to always be hearing more NOs than YESes. 

So where do you start in developing your Brand?

Our Brand Foundation© services help you answer all the Why questions your potential customers may have and develops an effective promise that speaks to a specific group of people – when they are paying attention through specific mediums. 

Our packages are based on a combination of the following services. The time frame for our WOW process can range from one to three months.   


workshopFor established businesses and start-ups, we will help develop a Brand that is unique for your business. You may need to create a new Brand, refocus a current one or totally diversify to address a changing marketplace. During this process, we bring together key company decision-maker into an interactive workshop to build your business’ foundation. 

Our workshops are either half-day or full-day where we take you away from your office setting and, through a series of tested exercises, facilitate your team in developing a new Brand or updating a current Brand. 

The result will be full documentation of the results of the workshop with appropriate Branding recommendations. After the workshop and report has been absorbed, our coaching and resource program begins. This is to ensure your Brand Foundation is put into practice with the right strategy and implementation.  

Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details.


coachingFor our Brand Foundation workshop clients, our coaching program begins with weekly meetings. If clients are unable to participate in the workshop concept, we can work through the workshop process through weekly coaching of 10, 20 or 30 hours.

Through online or face-to-face weekly or twice-a-month meetings, we coach you through using tools to set your Brand.

The result is full documentation after each meeting with a “to do” list for the next meeting. Please note, our coaching packages are based on your needs and may not be limited to only developing your Brand Foundation, coaching topics can also include Brand Blueprint (Marketing Strategy) and/or Brand  Implementation (Sales). BTW we’ve been told our coaching has saved people thousands of dollars!

Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details

Webinars & Resources

If all you need is a little bit of help you may find one of our resources are just what you need.

  • Webinars are quick, easy and you don’t even have to leave your home or office. Webinars are topic-specific, run for 45-minutes with 15 minutes to ask questions, and, you get a copy of the recording to watch as often as you like for six months. If you can’t make the date of a Live Webinar, that’s not a problem as you can purchase the recording. See our Webinar menu above for our Webinar topics.
  • Our Online Learning Modules are delivered either through audio or video sessions. They are topic-specific and run from 30 to 60 minutes. Visit our Resource section for details.
  • If you prefer to read about how to improve your business we are the author of one paperback book – Sales Suck… NOW WHAT?©. We are in the midst of writing our next book – Be the UNICORN, it starts with your Brand.©  Visit our Resource section for details.

If you are wondering what the pricing is for our Workshops and Coaching packages, give us a call to discuss but we’ve been told that our fees are often less than a misplaced advertising campaign.

Our clients don’t pay hourly fees, they pay for the value they get in the hours they spend with us.

Our customer kisses Our customer kisses…

Vicky Vanden Hoek, owner
Honkers Pub & Eatery & The Nest

Lesley Colburn-Swartz, ProPlantCare.com

Lynda, thank you so much for conducting Pro Plant Care’s Brand Development program. Your ability and expertise were invaluable and it was all wrapped up in a perfect package specifically for my company. You have set us on a path with more focus than we could have done on our own. It was great having my team involved; we all found it to be worthwhile. I would highly recommend every company to participate in this workshop session.”

Nicolas Coley, entrepreneur

You are awesome and also a unicorn so i am glad that I had the opportunity to be part of your class Lynda. Keep up the great work and we will be in touch. Thank you for the perspective of “Be the Unicorn” I will have that always Lynda. Thanks again.