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D'Arcy Kavanagh is a UnicornD’Arcy Kavanagh’s working life has centred on journalism and telling stories through public relations. He was a reporter and editor for newspapers before becoming a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers in North America and overseas. Later, he took to the classroom to teach journalism, retiring in 2012 and then, joined his wife in  WOW Communications & Training Corp.

DK trainingD’Arcy’s is involved in all aspects of WOW including teaching Entrepreneurs how to start and run a business. When needed, Lynda calls on D’Arcy’s history in journalism and public relations to help WOW clients craft powerful stories about their business’ Brand. He is pictured here presenting a full-day remote training session for Entrepreneurs on customer service. 

But, he spends most of his time writing murder mystery books and developing Bucket List Webinars through Lynda & D’Arcy’s other company WOW Tours International Inc. (wowtours.com)

A lifelong fan of the open road, D’Arcy has travelled overseas dozens of times. Usually, his trips have focused on travelling by bicycle. A self-described “cycling fanatic”, he has toured in more than 25 countries over 35 years. So, it was natural that in 2000 he and his wife Lynda helped start Wow Tours International Inc., a travel company with an emphasis on bike touring. While they no longer lead tours, WOW Tours provides travel webinars, travel planning help and slide-show presentations. 

And D’Arcy’s desire to keep travelling remains strong. He still goes overseas at least once a year – besides travelling in North America – and keeps polishing his language skills to ensure the best possible trip experience. Not satisfied with just travelling, D’Arcy has combined his writing background and his travel adventures to produce a series of murder mystery books, all of them set in Europe and in areas where D’Arcy has travelled extensively.  So far, readers love the results.

  • Murder-Mystery books: His first effort was The Bastard is Dead that has just been picked up by a U.S. Publisher with a second one coming out next year called  A Vintage End.  The novels, dubbed by one reviewer as “The “Tour of Intrigue”, feature blogger-columnist and ex-pro cyclist Paul Burke, and are set in Europe, primarily France. Besides plots involving murder, the books have been praised by readers for providing a colourful, realistic portrayal of southern France and the Austrian Danube, and for providing insight into some serious social issues. The national magazine Canadian Cycling even called The Bastard is Dead the “perfect summer read.” Pleased with such response, D’Arcy is working on his sixth novel in the Paul Burke series titled Torment in the Tropics which will be released in the fall of 2020. All D’Arcy’s books are written with research on the annual cycling trips Lynda & D’Arcy take annually.
  • Bucket List Webinars: These Webinars take advantage of the over 55 years combined travel experience of Lynda & D’Arcy. We recognize that everyone has travel on their Bucket List but not everyone gets to go on multiple trips. A Bucket List could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We present these 60-minute Webinars on a variety of locations, primarily in Europe and we share with participants what the area offers that they should see or don’t need to see. We share with them how to make air travel less stressful and other tips on travel. This way people can make comparisons on locations they may want to go to on their Bucket List.

And when he isn’t busy with WOW projects, training entrepreneurs, plotting murders, or sharing travel knowledge, D’Arcy plays Celtic music on a semi-professional basis.

For details on WOW Tours International Inc. and D’Arcy & Lynda’s activities through that company, please go to WOWTours.com

DArcy Kavanagh