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WOW Fun FactOberon Zell, a cryptozoologist and self-proclaimed wizard, was responsible for breeding ‒ and horn altering – one-horned goats. He developed his interest in Unicorns after reading Peter S. Beagle’s 1968 classic fantasy novel, The Last Unicorn. The birth of the Unicorn meme was in Blade Runner, Legend with the pair of guardian Unicorns. The film developed a cult following. (uncommongoods.com)

WOW FACT: When your Brand provides consumers with a product or service they need, those consumers will become loyal followers and will be excited to tell others about your business.

The importance of a Keynote speaker is to raise interest in the event and will motivate people to attend. That is considerable responsibility to put on the event organizer and the speaker. Therefore considerable thought should be put into the selection of the keynote speaker.

There are lots of speakers that all they do are keynote speeches. They blow in the night before their address, expect some royal treatment (and a hefty fee) and leave immediately after they have presented.

We think that makes them lose touch with the audience. For us, we love to get to know the conference attendees. We like to come to the conference early if possible, talk to some of the attendees and get a feel for the environment. This allows us to fine-tune and personalize our Keynote.  All our keynote sessions are centered around our knowledge base and are not just motivational stories that relate only to the speaker.

Why WOW for your Keynote?

First, there is a reason our company is called WOW. We actually changed our name in the second year of business because we had so many people using the word WOW to describe us, our work and our presentations.

If we are the keynote for the event, we always request an opportunity to provide some breakout sessions or individual coaching sessions for attendees. To us that just makes sense – we are there – use us! WOW! How many other speakers are thinking about how to maximize your budget like that?

Visit our conference & seminar section for ideas on potential break out sessions. For our keynote presentations, we like first to talk with organizers to find out what topics will motivate conference attendees:

Examples of Keynotes we have presented:

  • Lessons learned during 25 years of Entrepreneurship.
    • A Humourous look at the world of being an Entrepreneur. 45 minutes.
  • How do you define success?
    • This works well for an after supper, at the end of a conference or event or after an AGM meeting. It is highly motivational and though provoking. 45 minutes
  • Change and death are inevitable. We’re alive so let’s talk about Change.
    • This is an interactive session where all the audience will be expected to participate. The purpose is to show how change can be managed through creative thinking. It doesn’t work well at an early morning breakfast but works very well after a supper at the end of a conference. 45 minutes.
  • Be a side-car cyclist.
    • This works well before or after an event where heavy and thought-provoking action is expected through the break out sessions. It is a light opportunity to see various parts of the Europe through the eyes of a cyclist… without the effort, sore backside or sweating. 30 minutes
  • Yes, you can!
    • A highly motivational session on facing challenges in work and life. 45 minutes.
  • Bucket List Escapes:
    • If the conference has been heavy such as forecasting difficult challenges or changes, this Keynote allows the attendees to escape life for 45 minutes and look at travelling to places like Paris, Barcelona, Scotland, France…. wherever you think the conference attendees would like to know more about, we can create a travel Keynote from our years of travel. These presentations also provide tips on what to do, what to see and what isn’t worth their time. Take a look at our Webinars at WOWTours.com for ideas. 30 – 45 minutes.

Contact us to discuss how you want to motivate your group with a keynote and for pricing. BTW Conference organizers we have worked with in the past don’t pay for the 45 minutes we are presenting, they pay for the value the audience gets from us speaking. 

Depending on the training needs, your budget, your location and your staff’s interests, WOW offers a variety of ways to deliver training to your business or organization through conferences, seminars, workshops, keynotes, virtual live, webinars, books or on demand. 

Home builder keynote
Lethbridge College Convocation

Keynote at Canadian Home Builders, Lethbridge. 

Our customer kissesYour message on success really touched me. I’ve been struggling with this for a while and you made me see things clearer. Thank you.

Carolyne, attendee at the Canadian Home Builders AGM

Keynote at Lethbridge College Convocation

Our customer kissesI’m pumped! I am so motivated to start my career and your words energized me. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Jennifer, Lethbridge College Grad

Adding Humour
Escape to Spain

Dressing the part – a humorous approach to the S & M of Business (Sales and Marketing)

Our customer kissesTalk about making an entrance. Loved your outfit and loved your message.

Leesa Bain, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Calgary meeting (She also took the picture)


Lynda and D’Arcy talking about travelling to Spain.

Our customer kissesThis is the second time you have spoken to our group and each time you are so entertaining. We know people came especially to hear from you both. Thanks.

Judy Scott, Harambee Grandmas, part of the Steven Lewis Foundation