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Brand Blueprint

Brand Marketing 

The art of analyzing a business’ product line and forming a blueprint plan to achieve a desired goal or result.

When building a house, once you have your foundation in place you need to think about what will go on that foundation like How will this house fill the needs of my family as it grows? Will it be one story or two stories? How many rooms will it have? What will the rooms be used for? There are thousands of questions you need to plan out and be ready for while you are planning your home’s foundation.

For a business, Step 2 is how will this business meet your goals. That’s your Blueprint in developing a Marketing Strategy. This is about analyzing how to create awareness that will find methods to drive demand for your business. Without having a solid Step 1 (Brand Foundation), your Marketing will be hit and miss.

A scenario could be:

 You aren’t sure if adverting is marketing or if marketing is sales. All you know is you are doing a bunch of activities that end up taking up a lot of your time and costing you money. You don’t have a strong focus of where you want to take your business in 1 year… 3 years… 5 years. And you don’t have time to create a strategy because you are busy just trying to get through the day. 

Unfortunately, the result of this scenario is you are wasting time and money and you don’t know if you have received any kind of rate of return.

Our packages are based on a combination of the following services. The time frame for our WOW process can range from one to three months.  


workshopFor established businesses or start-ups, we start with ensuring you have a solid Brand and if so, we bring together key company decision-maker into an interactive workshop specific to developing the blueprint that will be your Marketing Strategy.

Our workshops are either half-day or full-day where we take you away from your office setting and, through a series of tested exercises, facilitate your team in developing an action plan for your Marketing.

This is an excellent opportunity to bring your team together and analyze how best to move your business forward.  

The result will be full documentation of the results of the workshop with appropriate recommendations. After the workshop and report have been absorbed, our coaching and resource program begins. This is to ensure your Brand Blueprint and Marketing are put into practice with the right strategy and implementation.  

Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details.



For our Brand Blueprint Marketing Strategy workshop clients, our coaching program begins with weekly meetings. If clients are unable to participate in the workshop concept, we can work through the workshop process through weekly coaching of 10, 20 or 30 hours.

Through online or face-to-face weekly or twice-a-month meetings, we coach you through using tools to set your Brand Blueprint and Marketing Strategy.

The result is full documentation after each meeting with a “to do” list for the next meeting. Please note, our coaching packages are based on your needs and may not be limited to only developing your Brand Blueprint Marketing Strategy, coaching topics can also include Brand Foundation and/or Brand  Implementation (Sales). BTW we’ve been told our coaching has saved people thousands of dollars!

Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details.

Webinars & Resources

WebinarIf all you need is a little bit of help you may find one of our resources are just what you need.

  • Webinars are quick, easy and you don’t even have to leave your home or office. Webinars are topic-specific, run for 45-minutes with 15 minutes to ask questions, and you receive a copy of the recording to watch as often as you like for six months. If you can’t make the date of a Live Webinar, that’s not a problem as you can purchase the recording. See our Webinar menu above for our Webinar topics.
  • Our Online Learning Modules are delivered either through audio or video sessions. They are topic-specific and run from 30 to 60 minutes. Visit our Resource section for details.
  • If you prefer to read about how to improve your business we are the author of one paperback book – Sales Suck… NOW WHAT?©. We are in the midst of writing our next book – Be the UNICORN, it starts with your Brand.©  Visit our Resource section for details.

If you are wondering what our Workshop and Coaching pricing is…
often we are less than one misplaced advertising campaign.

Our clients don’t pay hourly fees, they pay for the value they get in the hours they spend with us.

Our Customer Kisses…Our customer kisses

Lynda was an ideal marketing consultant for our business. She helped me to define a specific target market, and to develop a plan to reach that market. She provided help without taking over the process, equipping me to carry on after our time of working together was completed.”

– Judy Klok, Kayben Farms & JoJo’s Restaurant, Okotoks, http://www.kayben.com

I’ve worked on multiple projects with Lynda with the BDC for more than four years and it is always a pleasure. Her professionalism and experience make her easy to work with as she helps clarify complex ideas and discover new ways of thinking. She’s a delight to work with and I count myself lucky having worked with her.

-Kayley Brooks, Calgary BDC Advisory Services (formerly – she has now started her own company called Wheelhouse Marketing. https://www.wheelhousemarketing.ca/