**Networking - helping or hindering?

Let's learn Networking... the right way

Is your Networking helping or hindering your Business?

Networking is one of the most effective and proven ways for small business owners to get their message out to a large number of people. But, we’ve all met one of those people who thinks that Networking is Sales. You know the type, you are at a business function and someone is in your face trying to sell you something. That’s not Networking. Networking is all about sharing information so when that person needs your product or service or if they know someone else who may need your product or service, they will think of you. But, the rules of Networking are starting to get muddy with groups now being developed where it is expected that you sell to the other members in the group.

  • And then, there are other types of groups where they hope you will just consider buying from the other members of the group but it is not mandatory.
  • And then there are other groups where you are encouraged to meet and share your story with others but it is Faux Pas to try to sell to them.

How is a business person to know when it is okay to sell and when it is not?

This Webinar will talk about the six very different methods to Network and the etiquette attached to each. Yes, you read that right, etiquette. Not only is there a sales etiquette for these groups there are other, and varied, etiquette rules that govern each group. Break those rules and not only will you be frowned upon; you may create a negative word of mouth problem for you and your business.

Besides explaining the six different ways to Network, we will provide you with a formula on how to create an effective 10-second commercial© that will stick in peoples’ minds after they have asked “What do you do?”, and we will share with you the top 10 Networking Blunders – so your Networking will help your business – not hinder it.

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