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an expection of advancement or progressive development. what is going to happen.

You can never stop being alert to how the actions of your business will affect your Brand. Once you have developed your Brand, you must always review your Brand Foundation. It is easy to fragment your Brand, and it can happen without you even realizing it.

I remember sitting in a local, upscale restaurant and a fellow came in that I recognized from his TV commercials. In the commercials, he stressed his business was all about respect. The entire commercial was about how he respected his customers, how he respected the community and, of course, how he respected his staff. The last 15 seconds was the only time he mentioned what the business did. I remember thinking that it was great to see a company Branding itself on respect rather than just marketing a product or service. 

As he sat down, a female server walked by him and he snapped his fingers and said “Hey, sweetheart, bring me a (Brand) beer.” I was stunned. I am sure my mouth dropped open and I know I actually gasped and so did the other women around me. WHAT!?

  • A. This happened in 2018, we don’t call female servers, or anyone outside of an intimate relationship, “sweetheart”.
  • B. How demoralizing for this young female server, but also for the other women who heard the remark.
  • C. I thought respect was part of his Brand.

GaspAfter I closed my mouth, I got mad. This is the type of Brand misleading behaviour that makes consumers think all Marketers are liars. Marketing messages, about a business’ Brand, must be truthful, not lies, not misleading information and certainly to not imply something the Brand is not. Obviously, this fellow’s TV commercials were only about sucking people in rather than being honest about what the Brand is about. I had never been in the store, and I sure wasn’t going in now, but I assume that as soon as someone walked into the store, they would recognize that his Brand was built on untruths. Consumers are not idiots, they can figure out quickly when a Brand promise is actually a lie.

That’s just an example of how, you as a business owner or manager, can fragment your Brand. But, what about how it weakens and cracks as your business grows and diversifies? It happens slowly; a change in your product line here, a new product there, a series of bad staff behaviours, an opportunity branch into another sector or industry, but then, after a few years you look at your business model and Brand and find you are sending out mixed and confusing messages that have no connection to your Brand Foundation. The result is sales have decreased and now you are frustrated and worried.

This is why WOW Communications & Training exists. That is part of our commitment to our clients – we will help them take away frustrations caused by losing focus on your business model, your Brand, and your diversification.

BTW, the server mentioned the man’s comment to her boss who came over with the beer and sat down. I tried to eavesdrop but couldn’t hear the conversation, but the man apologized to the female server when came back and took his order. I hope she got a big tip but, a tip and an apology were not enough to take back his ignorant behaviour.

Our packages are based on a combination of the following services. The time frame for our WOW process can range from one to three months.  


workshopFor established businesses or start-ups, we start a business’ original Brand and where the business has evolved since that Brand was created. If necessary we start at the beginning and look at creating a new Brand Foundation, Brand Blueprint Marketing Strategy and then help with Brand Implementation. This usually entails a one or two day workshop with key representatives from the business. 

The result will be full documentation of the results of the workshop(s) with appropriate recommendations for implementing a marketing and sales strategy.  After the workshop and report have been absorbed, our coaching and resource program begins. This is to ensure your new or revised Brand is being implemented specifically for your business. 

Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details. 


coachingPerhaps your Brand has just been sidetracked a wee bit and all the business needs is to refocus. Our coaching program begins with weekly meetings. Or, if a business is able to participate in a workshop setting, we can work through the workshop content with weekly coaching.  We objectively help you and/ or your team in understanding how to get your Brand back on track to diversification and revenue growth. 

Our coaching packages are 10, 20 or 30 hours and can be online or face-to-face weekly or bi-monthly meetings. The result is full documentation after each meeting with a “to do” list for the next meeting.

Please note, our coaching packages are based on your needs and may address Brand Foundation or Brand Blueprint Marketing or Brand Implementation issues. 

Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details.

Webinars & Resources

AuthorIf all you need is a little bit of help you may find one of our resources are just what you need.

  • Webinars are quick, easy and you and/or your team don’t even have to leave your office or they can be taken at home.  Webinars are topic-specific, run for 45-minutes with 15 minutes to ask questions. Participants also receive a copy of the Webinar. If you can’t make the date of a Live Webinar, that’s not a problem as you can purchase the recording. See our Webinar menu above for our Webinar topics.
  • Our Online Learning Modules are delivered either through audio or video sessions. They are topic-specific and run from 10 to 60 minutes. Visit our Resource section for details.
  • If you prefer to read about how to improve your business we are the author of one paperback book – Sales Suck… NOW WHAT?©. We are in the midst of writing our next book – Be the UNICORN, it starts with your Brand.©  Visit our Resource section for details.

If you are wondering what the pricing is for our Workshops and Coaching packages, give us a call to discuss but we’ve been told our fees are often less than a misplaced advertising campaign.

Our clients don’t pay hourly fees, they pay for the value they get in the hours they spend with us.

  Our customer kissesOur Customer Kisses…

“I attribute my business success to Lynda’s sales coaching. Within only a few months of starting my business, I have increased sales enough to hire two people to help me. I also bought her book which is an excellent read!  As a new business start-up owner, I have used the many useful tips and methods outlined in this book & so far I have been exceeding my own personal goals for the business!  Selling is made easy as long as you follow the different tips and suggestions in the book.”

–  Martin Cole, Owner of Bookwise Bookkeeping Management, Lethbridge, Alberta.