3~Brand Implementation©

Brand Implementation


the process of putting a decision or strategy into effect; action.

If you are following along with our analogy that building a house is the same as building a business, then you have reached the point where you must implement the steps you have already done – what’s going inside the house based on how strong your foundation is and what fits with your blueprint?

For a business, that is implementing the work you did in defined your Brand Foundation and having a Brand Blueprint of how Marketing will be used to maximize your investment of time, energy and money. That means, it’s time to implement your Brand – it’s time to sell.

UNFORTUNATELY, in our 25+ years of coaching and training businesses, we have found that this is what most businesses do for Step 1!

Businesses that start selling as Step 1, consider their Brand as having a name, logo, a general concept of who will buy their products/services and they have developed some vague sell messages, so,  “Let’s get out there and sell.” They haven’t put the time into building details of their Brand, they haven’t conducted a thoughtful Marketing Strategy so they try to sell their products/services to EVERYONE with an unclear message. The result of this plan, is these businesses end up pushing their products at people who really aren’t interested in buying from the business. That’s because of the business’ Marketing messages – to everyone – are so vague and broad that they end not motivating anyone. Oh boy, it is no wonder that this type of activity is a guarantee the business owners will become frustrated and demoralized with too many people saying too many NOs and too much money being wasted.

This kind of scenario makes us very sad. When a business works with us to develops its Brand Foundation and create a solid Brand Blueprint for Marketing, then implementing the Brand for Sales is not so frustrating. In fact, when you sell to the right people, with the right message through the right mediums, these people are eager to buy your product or service, and guess what, they may very well thank you for selling them your product or service.

That’s why WOW Communications & Training exists. That is part of our commitment to our clients – we will help them take away frustrations caused by not having an effective Brand, a well-thought-out Marketing Strategy and then and only then show them how to implement Sales techniques designed to make their businesses grow.

Our packages are based on a combination of the following services. The time frame for our WOW process can range from one to three months.  


workshopFor established businesses or start-ups, we start with a Sales audit and then we ensure you have a solid Brand Foundation and a Blueprint for Marketing through workshops or meetings. If they aren’t in place we dig deep into what is happening in your business that may be holding back generating more revenue. 

Our Brand Implementation workshops are either one or two full-days where we take you away from your office setting and, through a series of tested exercises bring your team together and work through the best sales techniques for your business. 

The result will be full documentation of the results of the workshop(s) with appropriate sales implementation activities. After the workshop and report have been absorbed, our coaching and resource program begins. This is to ensure your Brand is being implemented specifically for your business. Our coaching program involves working with management and all sales team members.


Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details. 


coachingFor our Brand Implementation workshop clients, our coaching program begins with weekly meetings of the management and sales teams.  If clients are unable to participate in the workshop concept, we can work through the workshop content with weekly coaching.  We objectively help your team in understanding how to diversify and generate new revenue streams for your business.

Our coaching packages are 10, 20 or 30 hours and can be online or face-to-face weekly or bi-monthly meetings with either the Sales manager or those from the Sales team.  

The result is full documentation after each meeting with a “to do” list for the next meeting.

Please note, our coaching packages are based on your needs and may not be limited to only Sales Implementation as during the meetings information may be found where it is essential to address Brand Foundation or Brand Blueprint Marketing issues. 

Contact us by email or 403-329-0179 for details.

Webinars & Resources

AuthorIf all you need is a little bit of help you may find one of our resources are just what you need.

  • Webinars are quick, easy and you and/or your team don’t even have to leave your office or they can be taken at home.  Webinars are topic-specific, run for 45-minutes with 15 minutes to ask questions. Participants also receive a copy of the Webinar. If you can’t make the date of a Live Webinar, that’s not a problem as you can purchase the recording. See our Webinar menu above for our Webinar topics.
  • Our Online Learning Modules are delivered either through audio or video sessions. They are topic-specific and run from 10 to 60 minutes. Visit our Resource section for details.
  • If you prefer to read about how to improve your business we are the author of one paperback book – Sales Suck… NOW WHAT?©. We are in the midst of writing our next book – Be the UNICORN, it starts with your Brand.©  Visit our Resource section for details.

If you are wondering what the pricing is for our Workshops and Coaching packages, give us a call to discuss but we’ve been told our fees are often less than a misplaced advertising campaign.

Our clients don’t pay hourly fees, they pay for the value they get in the hours they spend with us.

  Our customer kissesOur Customer Kisses…

“I attribute my business success to Lynda’s sales coaching. Within only a few months of starting my business, I have increased sales enough to hire two people to help me. I also bought her book which is an excellent read!  As a new business start-up owner, I have used the many useful tips and methods outlined in this book & so far I have been exceeding my own personal goals for the business!  Selling is made easy as long as you follow the different tips and suggestions in the book.”

–  Martin Cole, Owner of Bookwise Bookkeeping Management, Lethbridge, Alberta.

Since this video testimonial, Suzanne Marie has rebranded her company to Peak Conflict Solutions

Lynda’s book, “Sales Suck… Now What” is a gem! “Sales Suck…” is a fantastic primer for the micro-to-small-business person who needs to understand the basics of sales and marketing. The book is easy to read and jargon-free. It offers an invaluable summary of the differences between sales and marketing, the importance of each, and practical strategies for sales and marketing tactics that really work.

Condensed into only 132 pages, it’s a quick read that delivers the critical elements of small business sales/marketing for time-crunched entrepreneurs. If you only have time for one book, buy this one.” 

-Diane Henders, Bright-ideas.ca Calgary & Mystery Author: facebook.com/diane.henders