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You are invited to a book launch… with a twist!

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      The book:Be the Unicorn. It starts with your Brand.

A second business book written by Lynda as a hands-on workbook to help businesses build their
Brand Foundation. It is a prequel to her other book, Sales suck … NOW WHAT?

The twist: 
This book is about creating a Brand that is different, unique and distinctive.
Just like a Unicorn.

Lynda’s book launch will also be different, unique and distinctive. Come to the launch in Lethbridge and receive a signed copy of

“Be the Unicorn. It starts with your Brand.”©

The twist is you can participate in a Speed Networking event with beverages, munchies and Unicorn door prizes. 

Register early as the event is limited to 45 people. This limitation is to ensure participants can meet everyone during the Speed Networking component. 


About the book

copyright@WOW Communications & Training Corp.Imagine a herd of horses… they are beautiful creatures. Now, imagine seeing that same herd with a Unicorn running alongside. That Unicorn stands out. It’s memorable. It makes you want to spread the word that you saw something special.

Most business’ Brands are “average” like a herd of horses, similar but nothing special. Lynda D. Kavanagh, a Brand strategist since 1994, wants to help your business be THE UNICORN in your industry so people will remember and talk about your business.

In almost every business presentation, coaching session or webinar Lynda conducts, someone asks for an explanation of what a business’ Brand is. After the success of Lynda’s first book, Sales suck… NOW WHAT?, which is about implementing a Brand, she wrote this book about Branding as a prequel because Branding is one of the most misunderstood words in business.

It's a workbook!This workbook is aimed at helping micro, mini and small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs understand what Branding encompasses. It is not the kind of book to read on a holiday while soaking up the sun. It is not a book to read in front of the fireplace. This is a workbook. Readers will be an active participant in developing their business’ Brand by working through the more than 30-multi-part exercises in the book.

Giddy upGiddy up… on a Unicorn, of course!