Unicorn Launch

A WOW Special Event
Lethbridge business people, join me for
the launch of my second business book…

Be the Unicorn it starts with your Brand

Be THE Unicorn it starts with your Brand

This is a workbook to help businesses build their Brand Foundation, and a prequel to Sales suck… NOW WHAT? 
Read the first chapter of Be THE Unicorn, it starts with your Brand.

This WOW Special Event is where you will receive a copy of the workbook…

and participate in a Speed Networking Event.

Lynda loves to be like a Unicorn and never be considered “normal.”  Most book launches are normal so to be a Unicorn and celebrate the launch of her new book she will combine the launch with a chance for you to network with other business people during a speed networking event… with beverages and munchies … and Unicorn gifts.

March 10, 2020 Event fee: $49.95 Includes GST 

What’s in it for you?

Your event fee entitles you to a copy of the workbook, Be the Unicorn. It starts with your Brand, valued at  $24.95.
  • And… a presentation by Lynda to get you thinking about your Brand. Maybe it is time to stop blaming sales for low revenue and start diversifying your Brand.
  • And… you get to participate in a Speed Networking event.  Sorry, no registration at the door.
  • And… before, during and after the Speed Networking, you will have a chance to network, have a beverage and munchies and track down the people you would like to talk with longer.
  • And… the event won’t interfere with your workday. The event hours are 4:30 – 7 p.m.m. Doors open at 4:15 and close at 5 p.m because of the start of the Speed Networking. Once it has started we cannot add people, so be there early.

Event location in Lethbridge is The Nest, next to Honkers Pub, 2806 – 2 Avenue North. 

Additional details will follow after your payment has been processed. Note: Bring a friend, you can reserve multiple places.

If you can’t attend the full event, you can still purchase the workbook. See our resources section ~~Books on Branding, Marketing, Sales