~~ What is a Brand Strategy Coach?

Brand strategy by WOW

WOW Fun Fact

Unicorns live in groups of four or five ‒ elders, father, mother and their children. The elders in a Unicorn family are hundreds of years old; they lead and teach their children to live a peaceful and elusive life. (Unicorn-lovers.com)

WOW FACT: When developing your Brand, it is essential to include your team’s key stakeholders in the process.  A Brand’s philosophy should be connected to your business’ past but with strategy for the future. Therefore, input from senior management, new and long-term employees is essential.

That fun fact is so true. Business coaching is the process of taking a business/organization from where it is now to where the stakeholders want it to be, and input from the entire team helps make a Brand strong. 

A Brand Strategy coach is an entrepreneur who specializes in Branding, Marketing and Sales. This coach will take your business/organization to the next level by ensuring your Marketing and Sales budgets are used more effectively. That can only happen when your Marketing and Sales are connected with your overall Brand.

For our WOW clients, our job is to motivate, to challenge, to disagree when it is necessary and to provide statistics and accurate information to help their businesses/organizations move forward. As with any business coach, we share our expertise and objectivity with your team which usually results in refocusing, refreshing or diversifying your Brand as well as enhancing the current way you are conducting your Marketing and Sales activities. The purpose of those changes will be to ensure long-term results.

How do we do that?

The responsibility of a Brand Strategy coach is to work with clients to develop a solid and effective Brand Foundation. That foundation will set the basis for how a business/organization develops its’ Marketing strategy, Sales efforts and financial budgets. At WOW we do this by:

  • helping clients understand the difference between Branding, Marketing and Sales;
  • providing direction to clients for developing their company story;
  • helping develop their Brand’s message;
    working with clients to prioritize and diversify products/services;
  • assisting in identifying their Brand’s priority target audience and potential audiences for diversification opportunities;
  • providing direction to clients in defining where, when and how to share their messages through Sales techniques that match the Brand Foundation.
  • Our Brand Process provides additional details and delivery methods.

WOW has been working with clients across Canada and the United States since 1994. Our goal is to pass along our business knowledge so our clients don’t need us on a long-term basis. We will teach them how to develop their future Marketing Strategies and how to implement their Brands by using the right Sales techniques. And, if they want to touch base with us from time-to-time to see if they are on the right course, we will be available for them through our Brand Maintenance Program.