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WOW Fun Fact

Queen Elizabeth 1 received a Unicorn horn from the explorer Martin Frobisher, who made three voyages to the New World looking for the Northwest Passage. This gift became known as “The Horn of Windsor.” The truth is that the horn was actually from a Narwhal (a medium-sized toothed whale that possesses a large “tusk” from a protruding canine tooth). (uncommongoods.com)

WOW FACT: Part of creating your Brand Foundation is analyzing your competition. We provide you with exercises that will help you find your competitive advantage. This will help you educate your customers on the difference between you (as a Unicorn) and your competition (as a Narwhal).

What style of training works best for you?

Exercises and hands-on activities work best in training, it helps with recalling key points and just makes learning much more fun. Training is a process to help people learn new skills or enhance current knowledge. There are a variety of training delivery methods available and consist of how the information will be presented to the participants. Each has their pros and cons so when choosing a training delivery method a business/organization needs to think about:

  • it’s budget based on travel and accommodation;
  • the time participants can be away from the workplace;
  • the learning style of the participants;
  • what the knowledge level is of the participants;
  • how hands-on do the participants need to be.

To help you analyze what type of training delivery method would be best for your business/organization, we have provided the terminology and benefits of each delivery method. WOW Communications & Training is proficient in all of these:


  • Traditional workshops, seminars or keynotes with live guest presenters, on a specific area of the conference theme; 
  • Times of the workshops, seminars are specific; 
  • May be presented through a Webcast where the presenter is on a screen at another location; 
  • Held in a convention centre where a diverse group of people with similar interests commute to the centre. 
  • Usually provided in a lecture format with some interactivity where participants take notes as there are rarely handouts.

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Virtual LIVE Training:

  • Internet-based classroom led by an instructor on a specific topic; 
  • Usually specific to a business/organization where participants know each other;
  • Based on a predefined subject curriculum;
  • Conducted with an individual or a team either through multi-hour meetings or short, weekly meetings;
  • Mutually agreed upon schedule;  
  • Highly interactive, with exercises, discussions and assignments to be completed outside of the virtual session.
  • Participants are provided an agenda and/or handout material in advance of the meeting.


  • Internet-based event presented by an instructor on a specific topic; Usually 45 – 60 minutes and can be live or pre-recorded;
  • Multiple participants can view the Webinar but may not know the other participants;
  • Live Webinars are on specific times, recorded webinars are on-demand; 
  • Usually presented in a PowerPoint format with narration. Some Webinars allow participants to ask questions before or at the end of the Webinar and may or may not have access to talk with the presenter;
  • Participants may or may not receive a recording of the Webinar. 

Information on WOW Webinars. 

On-Demand Training

  • Internet-based video or audio presented by an instructor on a specific topic;
  • The training is available to the participant to watch whenever they like;
  • Prerecorded and may run from 10 minutes to one hour;
  • Delivered through a website link;
  • Participants may have access to the on-demand for a limited time or forever.
  • Usually are topic-based without a curriculum plan;
  • Usually provided in a lecture format with no interactivity, no agenda or handouts.

Information on WOW’s On-Demand Training.

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