WOW Brand Strategy
WOW Fun Fact

Unicorns are known for hiding in forests around the world and only those persons who are pure of heart are considered worthy of seeing one. (

WOW FACT: By developing your Brand Foundation, you will identify the consumers who are most likely to purchase your product or service. This means you hear more “YES” comments and less “NO” comments. These pure-of-heart customers will become loyal customers.

If you aren’t sure if your Brand has a Foundation to encourage loyal customers, we can help you with that, but first you may need to understand what a Brand Strategy Coach is  and how that type of coach can help make your Marketing and Sales efforts more effective.

It is important for any business to recognize that a Brand is so much more than having a name and logo. Those are important but they are only a small part of a Brand.

Branding is the sum experience of every touchpoint your customer has with your product/ services and effective Branding enables that to happen. Branding is your strategy. If you are a consumer Brand, the Brand is your products/services and the story of how they can help consumers. Have you developed your story? Has it changed from when you first started the business? Have your customers changed? What about the marketplace? And, what about your competition, have they changed? 

If you are a not-for-profit, then your Brand is the organization’s mission and how you go about fulfilling that mission. How old is that mission? Has the marketplace changed? Is it getting harder and harder to get donations or volunteers? Has the image of your organization changed from what you hoped it would be? 

Marketing and Sales are the actions produced from a business/organization’s accurate and authentic Brand and how the messages produced from these activities complement the Brand foundation. 

Let’s build a house:

Effective Branding is like building a house, you can’t start with decorating the house before you know how many rooms it will have and, what those rooms will be used for.

Unfortunately, many businesses, develop a name and a logo for their business before they have thought about what the aspects of the business’ foundation will be; who their target customers will be, why would those customers buy, what will be future products/services the business will offer, how will the business plan for growth. 

Those aspects need to be thought out long before a business develops a name and logo. Because…. a logo is not a Brand… unless it is on a cow!

Those aspects listed above are just a few that need to be considered before developing an effective Brand. Businesses that have not defined all Brand aspects struggle with their Sales and Marketing efforts because… they have a name and logo but that doesn’t mean they have a Brand. And we aren’t just talking about start-up businesses. Many businesses have been operating for years without a Brand and that has caused them frustration without them even knowing why they are frustrated. 

The graphic below demonstrates our WOW Brand Process is four-steps using the building a house as an analogy. Once step can’t be missed or a business’ Brand is doomed to struggle. But, once you have worked with us to develop, refresh, refocus or diversify your Brand, it’s a beautiful thing.

  • No more frustration in wondering if your Marketing is working.
  • No more wasting time trying to figure out why people aren’t buying from you.
  • No more getting more NO comments than YES comments.

Yup, a Brand that is effective, authentic and relevant is a beautiful thing. 

Branding is like building a house