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WOW Fun Fact

How about a free Unicorn joke?

Q. Have you ever heard of a Unicorn having a negative mentality?

A. No, because it always says neigh. (kawaii-unicorn.com)

WOW Fact:    Customer service has an impact on a business’ Brand and that is why it’s important for your team to know what your Brand’s promise is to your customers.  Consumers need positivity whether they are buying something or returning something. They don’t need to hear grumpy employees because that can fragment a Brand and become . . . the new Brand.

Okay, no joking here. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of help. Below are some WOW FREE stuff and some #yql businesses that we would recommend. 

Free Stuff:


If you live in southern Alberta please consider these recommended businesses to help your business succeed:

  • If you are currently unemployed or underemployed, you may be eligible to receive funding while training to become an entrepreneur. For details go to execuservplus.com 
  • Great food, great fun and a great place to meet, that’s Honkers Pub & Eatery. And, right next door is The Nest, a fabulous venue to have an office reception, a presentation or just a party or family get together. Vicky Vanden Hoek and her team will take care of you. 
  • Are you tired of having an accountant that is less professional than you like or just don’t seem to understand or care about your business? If that is the case you may want to check out Insight LLP (formerly Burton and Co.) for their 30-minute free consultation. Loralee Burton is not your average, boring accountant.
  • So, you currently have an office where people come but it is not pleasing to the eye, contact ProPlantCare.com. Lesley Colburn-Swartz and her team are interior landscapers and will make your office inviting with live plants – that they take care of for you.
  • Need to change the culture of your business/organization and want help with empowering your employees? Contact Mandy DeCecco-Koebaba at Collaborative Strategies.
  • Is it time for a new look or just to be pampered? If so you want to check out the award-winning Brio Salon & Spa- you are worth it.  Brio is the creation of Heather Tytula. 
  • One of my customers is the Business Development Bank of Canada (bdc). Its website, bdc.ca, is full of information to help start-ups and established businesses.