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We’ve called these modules as they quick ways to learn specific topics. If you combine these modules it would be like you took a course in Branding, Marketing and Sales. Just because the pricing is so reasonable on these modules, don’t think they aren’t full of solid content because they are but it gets even better.

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Sink or Swim your Branding will decide,
30-minute Audio

What’s this thing called Branding? for most people they really don’t know – is it my name? Is it my logo? Is it Advertising? It is all those and more. On the high seas, Sailors have always known which ships were friends, and which were foes and they knew even before they saw the name of the ship. How? because they could tell by how the ship maneuvered, the direction it came from and the overall appearance of the vessel. for a business, Branding is all about appearances, perception, reality, attitude, and behaviour. 

$14.95  + gst Cnd

Plotting your Marketing, 74-minute Audio

Let’s talk about boats. There are big boats, there are little boats, there are ocean liners and there are barges. Two things they have in common are they are boats and they have engines. Let’s talk engines. The engine keeps a boat moving forward. For a business, Marketing is what keeps a business moving forward. If a boat stops its engine, it will float along for a while but eventually, it will stop. If a business stops Marketing it will coast for a while but eventually it will also stop.  This audio learning module will talk to you about defining your audience, developing key messages, advertising and even networking. Phew, all that packed into 60 minutes! Heck of a deal.

$14.95 + gst Cnd

Sales for the Terrified,
60-minute Audio

So many people hate the Sales part of running a business. I think it is because people have this negative perception of what salesperson is… and that’s not a pretty sight. This module offers tips on how to break down some of those “old” style selling methods and stereotypes and provides you with solid direction on how to find the right customers so you can get less “NO” comments and more “YES” comments. BTW there is no part of this module that will teach you to be one of those ugly  “slickster” salesperson. Instead, we will talk about how to sell the right way to encourage, great word of mouth and repeat business. 

$14.95 +gst Cnd

Providing Exceptional Customer Service,
55-minute Audio

Hey, let’s talk about Venice. If you have ever been there you will know how interesting it is to watch how the Gondoliers navigate around each other, around Vaporettos (bus boats) and around boat taxis, and they never crash or dump tourists into the not-so-clean canals of Venice. How do they do it? Well, firstly, they are expert navigators, but that’s not enough to keep tourists standing in line to pay big bucks for a ride! The best Gondoliers know, that of course the ride must be spectacular, but it is the customer service and “fun” that will make or break this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Customer service is often the deciding factor for consumers when selecting one business over another. In this module, we will talk about Venice, and use it as examples of good and bad customers service as well as explain the importance of knowing your LVC (Lifetime Value of Customers). 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

Business Etiquette,
50-minutes Audio

Someone is always watching… you and your Etiquette. Believe it or not, if you use the wrong fork at a formal dining event, you will be judged. Whether it is right or wrong is irrelevant, it just is. In this module we will teach you all areas of business etiquette including when and what you can eat at business functions, networking faux pas, how to meet people, office courtesies and much much more. This is a must for anyone going into or working in the business world. 

$14.95 +gst Cnd

 Dealing with Difficult People,
40-minute Audio

Good luck in getting through a business day without dealing with someone who is difficult. The average person has over 2000 frustrations a day, some are big and some are small but at some point in the day when people hit that 1999 frustration, you just might be in front of them. This module will explain the different types of difficult people and how to best handle them. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

Controlling Nasty Bosses,
20-minute Audio

My first boss was when I was 17.5 and he liked to drink and chew chewing tobacco (which he liked to spit in my garbage can). Yuck is right. I learned very quickly if I tossed something away, don’t EVER go looking for it. The work world is getting betting as laws are passed to stop some bad behaviour of bosses, but, there still are some out there. If you happen to have a nasty boss, guess what, they can be tamed and we will help you during this learning module. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

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Demystifying your target audiences’ Behaviour,
20-minute Video

Before you spend one penny on Marketing your product or service you need to first understand your target customer and basic consumer behaviour. Why do people stand in line at this place and not at another? Why will people pay more for the same product that they can get somewhere else cheaper? That’s consumer behaviour and understanding that and your target customer will save you mega money in wasted Marketing through Advertising. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

Developing a Customer Persona.
20-minute Video

Trying to figure out who you should be marketing to is one of the hardest things that both start-up and established businesses face. All businesses should create three to five personas. A persona is a collection of information about a specific group of people that should represent hundreds of similar people. This module will walk you through the five steps that will help you really get inside your target customers’ heads so you can create Marketing messages that will break through the clutter of other Marketing messages. Creating multiple personas will ensure security for your business because if one persona group is not buying, then you have already done the research to switch gears and start marketing to another group. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

Traits of an exceptional Salesperson,
20-minute Video

Rarely do people decide to go into a career in Sales. Usually, they are moved from a current position to take on some Sales roles or they have knowledge in a product and therefore are asked to sell. There are a lot of bad salespeople out there and they are just messing it up for us good salespeople. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in Sales or have just been put into a Sales role, this module will help you understand how to get YES comments when you ask for a Sale rather than NO comments. If you are thinking of hiring a Salesperson this module will help you with your shortlist. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

In Sales, does NO mean NO?,
10-minute Video

There is a stigma to being a salesperson because there are so many bad salespeople. You don’t want to be that kind of salesperson and I don’t want you to be either! But… people are conditioned to say NO the first time they are asked to buy something. The sales process is all about “gentle nudges” what you need to do is gently nudge people to find out if they really mean NO or do they mean MAYBE? This module will help you decide if NO really means NO. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

Digital Sales
30-minute Video

The fastest and best way to sell your product or service is through a face-to-face meeting but that takes considerable research and time. In reality, how many people can you face-to-face ask to buy? Another technique in sales is digital selling. This module will show you how to create a digital sales strategy that can complement your face-to-face sales or it can stand alone to reach a larger audience outside the area you operate your business in. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

What’s your Digital Footprint
20-minute Video

You’ve probably heard of BIG DATA and how all companies are trying to get data on you so they can get their Marketing messages in front of your eyeballs. Data is collected when you visit a website and the methods used to collect data are getting more and more sophisticated. It used to be you would leave a small amount of information about you, called a cookie, whenever you would visit a website, but now with the increasing use of smartphones accessing the Internet, cookies don’t work because they can’t collect data from smartphones. That’s why the digital footprint was developed, to collect data on you no matter what you use to get online. This module will help you see how people are collecting your data and some ways to prevent it as much as possible – the only way to not leave a footprint is to never go online. 

$14.95 + gst Cnd

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