Testimonials / reviews on WOW Communications & Training

Our customer kisses We’d like to thank all those who have provided us with Testimonial kisses over the years. These comments inspire and motivate us. Below are some video testimonials and below that are some written testimonials. Be aware that the written testimonials have been taken over 25 years of being in business so there are lots of them. Be prepared to scroll.

The testimonials were taken at the time of completion of our projects with them. We often read back to year 1 and some testimonials from there. We remember the project, remember the person and often, if they are no longer at that organization, we pick up the phone and reconnect. Sometimes, it is a blast from the past. Love it!

Written Testimonials: You may not have the time to scroll through these 25 years of kisses from our past clients, but we have them here for us to smile at and be motivated by:

I captured a great deal of perspective from Lynda in regards to business skills and developing my brand statement along with other parts of my business plan. Lynda is an inspired presenter who is engaging and easy to talk to for personal one-on-one business advice. Thanks Lynda. “
-My Regards, Nicholas Coley, Entrepreneur, Boost Renewable Energy Solutions 

“Lynda was Family Centre’s full-service marketing consultant from 2005 – 2012. We just recently won the BBB 2013 Torch award for the Communications and Marketing Practices and the honourable mention in the community/investor/stakeholder relations category. Immediately following the award, I called and left a message for Lynda – Thanking her for her part in Family Centre winning this award. I believe that all the years we spent branding and developing marketing work played a huge part in our success.”
– Crystal Elliott, Executive Director Family Centre

“Good morning Lynda. You have perfectly named your company. I saw that you had sent the first proof to me this morning and my initial reaction was “WOW” fast service!
– Susan Fikre, Lethbridge Centre

 To be honest I really hesitated on retaining a Marketing Consultant when it was suggested by the Business Development Bank as part of our business growth plan. It turned out to be the best thing we could have done to focus us on the necessary building blocks of our business. It made us “rethink” past advertising choices and consider new ones. Lynda Kavanagh, from WOW Communications patiently introduced us to the marketing world and held our hand as we made the transition from “Mom & Pop” shop to serious business. 

Lynda is a true professional, who took the time to get to know us and our business, which we feel ensured that we received the best marketing for our particular business and budget. I have and will continue to recommend Lynda to anyone in business, whether you are just starting out, growing or need a fresh look. She is someone you want working for you, not your competition!” 
– Elizabeth Harkema-Foote, Business Manager

“When people are thinking of hiring a Marketing professional as an employee, I don’t think they realize they have another option; that is hiring a professional marketing firm on a contract or project basis. Besides the obvious savings in wages, benefits and holiday pay, there are hidden savings such as computer software, and systems that, would cost well over $10,000 if a company had to purchase and train staff in its use. I realized these savings when I began working with WOW Communications in 2004. I was also able to take advantage of WOW’s expertise in unexpected extras as they understanding how printers and media work. There are savings attached to that expertise.” 
– Darren Milne, Marketing Manager Exhibition Park

“The trade show is over and it was a huge success thanks to your ideas and all your help.”
– Clayton Brabant, Amazing Heating Ltd., Airdrie

“I have so appreciated Lynda’s professionalism, quick response time and talent in Marketing and design. She has made my job much easier and organized by systematically handling all calls from media. She has ensured that all programs are marketed in a timely and attractive fashion. The Marketing plan she developed was with research and rationale for all decisions made. The Marketing plan has proven effective and the number of calls for services with reference to seeing an ad, either in print or television has been incredible. I would recommend her services to any person or organization.”
– Crystal Elliott, RPN, Executive Director, Family Centre, Government of Alberta Parent Link Centre http://www.famcentre.ca

“Lynda was an ideal marketing consultant for our business. She helped me to define a specific target market, and to develop a plan to reach that market. She provided help without taking over the process, equipping me to carry on after our time of working together was completed.”
– Judy Klok, Kayben Farms & JoJo’s Restaurant, Okotoks, http://www.kayben.com

“The CMHA has engaged the services of WOW communications for over 5 years. Lynda has provided professional services that went above our expected standards. She “listened” to what we were looking for and the resulting product always matched our requests. Not for a moment would we consider taking our marketing business to another firm. I have had five separate people today alone tell me they saw our commercial! We are getting huge feedback from the community saying they really like the tone of the commercial. “It is a good thing” thanks to you!” 
– Deborah Chenery, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association
NOTE: WOW Communications was awarded a communications award for the work it did for CMHA in 2004 – 2006.

“I am very pleased to be renewing our contract again with Lynda for another year as our Full-Service Marketing Agency. Lynda’s direction, expertise and creativity have helped the YWCA reposition ourselves in this marketplace. We have seen immediate results from Lynda’s marketing talents.” 
– Michelle Dyke, CEO, Lethbridge & District YWCA

“One of the key benefits of working with Lynda is that her service frees up my time to work on the things in business I have a handle on rather than spinning my wheels on time-consuming things I don’t. I have found Lynda to be professional, creative, flexible, responsive to our own ideas and organized. I plan to continue our business relationship as I can already see the benefits to our company.”
– Linda Lunquist, Elite Wood Products http://www.elitewoodproducts.com

“My experience with Lynda has shown me her expertise. She assisted me in making our “news” look coordinated and professional. Her approach was both informed and creative.”
– Bev Gallimore, Chinook Area Public Relations Advisor, Girl Guides of Canada

“The strength you have shown in the communications field and the local market proves how important a local company with know-how is. You have saved me time and money.”
– Gillian Nish, President, execuserv plus inc

“Lynda, your workshop was a great asset to our sales team. Thank you, for the wealth of content and for engaging the group with your excellent presentation skills. I was especially impressed that you took the time to understand our business and customize the training session to our particular group. The workshop has definitely improved our sales team’s knowledge, skills and confidence in consultative marketing”.
– Lauren, Human Resources, Sharper Cards, Calgary

“Thank you for participating in the School of Graduate Studies’ Thrive Program. The Networking workshop you have provided for graduate students will be critical not only in their academic pursuits but as they make the transition to the world of work. We are grateful for your expertise and appreciate the time you have taken to share your knowledge with our students.”
– Trevor Armstrong, School of Graduate Studies, University of Lethbridge

“I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation today in Cochrane on Sales and Social Media. You were by far the best presenter so far. I got more out of your class today than the last 5 classes. You really were a huge help.”
– Jesse Schpakowski, Wilderness Photography, http://www.wildernessphotos.ca

“Another great presentation by a great lady. Thanks so much. It is always a pleasure to work with you.”
– Jane Brenner, Taber Adult Learning for a session on Social Media (Twitter & LinkedIn) for the Regional 7 Alberta Adult Learning Assn.

“I have to say that out of all the presentations, yours was the most practical and up-to-date. I can’t believe the wealth of information that you delivered. I’m still working my way through your handout. And, I have a pink-boot customer on deck!
– Lori Lavallee, Content Strategist, Lethbridge

“Hi Lynda, I had a wonderful time at your session “Don’t Know? Don’t Guess. Market Research” at this year’s Travel Alberta Industry Conference (TAIC). I found your knowledge very insightful…in fact it was so insightful that I’ll need that link again to download those notes so I may use them as a reference! Thanks again.”
– Mark Zanetti – Discover Banff Tours

“I really enjoyed your Marketing Bootcamp session; you are right on the mark with your presentation. I also wanted to tell you that taking the time to listen to your audio CD “Anchors Away, Sales for the Terrified” was one of the best things I have done to kick start my business. I was struggling with selling my services, and after meeting you and listening to this CD, you gave me the confidence I needed to approach sales in a new way. I felt like you were right in my SUV with me, saying exactly what I needed to hear! The tips and strategies I learned from you have really helped me to grow my business. Thank you again for helping me get over my fear of selling, I look forward to sharing my successes with you as my company grows and matures.
– Sincerely Nancy Smith, Calgary

“I recently attended a Technology Session presented by Lynda Kavanagh of WOW Communications. The information provided was excellent. Lynda not only provided stats of what is happening in Social Media but provided the tools so that we may apply these Marketing Tips to create more Business. Lots of people are talking Social Media but Lynda has the knowledge of how to make it work. If you are in business, I encourage you to sign up for one of her sessions, and increase your bottom line.” 
– Vicky Miller, owner, Honkers Pub & Eatery Ltd., http://www.honkerspub.com

“Thanks, Lynda, for your very informative workshop on Social Media Etiquette. Social media is now part of the workplace and your presentation on etiquette educated us on the do’s, don’ts and bloopers of social media. Thanks….well done!”
– Jane Brenner, Executive Director Taber Adult Learning http://www.taberadultlearning.com

“Thank you, Lynda, you have moved me into the “Social Media world”. From your seminar I found out what my industry uses primarily for their Social Media contact and found out the do’s and don’ts to be efficient in using all those choices. Over the last 2 weeks I have increased my LinkedIn world and got a FACEBOOK page for my business! Thank you for making the unknown world of Social Media seem easier to tackle.”
– Lesley Colburn-Swartz, B.Comm., CHT, Owner, Pro Plant Care, www.proplantcare.com
“You’ve got great energy! I love the stories especially the one about the Pink Suede Boots! You are an inspiration to me. Thanks for you being you.”
– Tracey Soltes, entrepreneurial training student

“You have been a fantastic facilitator and you are extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date about sales and marketing areas. You promote confidence within the participants, you have been very generous with ideas and encouragement and I have enjoyed every moment of class time. You are truly an inspiration! I cannot thank you enough for the support.”
– Elizabeth Hutchinson, entrepreneurial training student

“Thank you, Lynda, Your social media 101 course has helped me tremendously. I consider myself quite a “techie” and have been everything form a network technician to a website programmer and I LOVED how simple you made everything for me. A super informative session that simplified the process and gave me the tools to go back to my business and make immediate and effective changes. I would recommend everyone take this course and take advantage of the time you have put into learning this subject matter! Thank you again! I look forward to attending more of your sessions in the future.”
– Alan Sabey, Pixel Works

“It`s my pleasure meeting you and participating in your training workshops. I learnt lots from your classes, they are very helpful for my business. Thank you for letting me join the WOWpreneur Club. I will review the handouts members have access to and visit wowpreneur.tv frequently to keep my mind fresh. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and your time and I hope I can get your help in future.”
– Edward Zhang, Import/ Export business

“I’ve attended lots of sales workshops but even combined, none have given me the solid content that the one-hour Sales Audio CD has given me.”
– Francois, House of Mirrors and Glass, Calgary, Alberta

“Loved your presentation! You have a gift of gleaning and organizing information that I think we all unconsciously know, but have never been able to articulate or transfer into something useful.”
– Diane, Lethbridge Workshop

“A marvelous “Boot Camp” session. My compliments on your high energy presentation, and putting a lot of FUN into it. You’ve got some great resources for people too.”
– G. Wayne Dwornik, Global TV on “Sales and Marketing Bootcamp”

“It was interesting on how you incorporated your passion of wine, bike riding, and shoes into your Marketing presentation. Relationship selling…? I know more about you than I do, with other marketing people that I have met. Love your energy also, a fun learning experience.”
– Tracy, Calgary on the “Hey WOW Toss me your Marketing Life preserver” session

“I have attended a couple of live sessions to listen to Lynda speak from WOW Communications. She is easy to relate to in her presentations and helps paint a picture, along with some awesome on-screen presentation shots, on how to rethink your life and your passage in business of how you relate to others be it your boss, your client, your social network.”
– Sandra Zobell, Calgary on WOW Marketing Workshops

“Thank you so much for your insights into the crazy world of Etiquette. You left a lasting impression. Our membership is already talking of having you back to cover Cultural Etiquette. I have learned that I was using the wrong side for my bread & butter all these years. I also learned so many little tips that will serve me & I am sure the members of our Association in our careers.”
– Lynemari Hansen, Calgary, TransCanada Pipelines. President PMAC (Purchasing Managers Association of Canada)

“We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you took to plan and deliver excellent and thought-provoking session information during the Travel Alberta Conference. Your willingness to share your experience, expertise and knowledge helped provide participants with a valuable, practical learning experience. The Evaluations for the conference have been very positive.”
– Sincerely Niesa Silzer, Conference Coordinator, Details Convention and Event Management 
(Sessions were Networking and Business Etiquette)

“Your session on Sponsorship Development was extremely informative and well received by our delegates. As I review the surveys, I see that your session scored “excellent” ratings. It is sessions like yours that raise the bar.”
– Roxanne Carr, Executive Director, Alberta Association of Agriculture Societies Convention, Edmonton

“The Studio staff and I found your Business Etiquette session very informative. You did an excellent job of covering off a great deal of information knowledgeably and professionally. You are to be commended on the depth of research and your presentation skills. Thanks again, a well spent morning.”
– Frank Schaeffer, VP Director of Operations, M2 Universal Communications Management, Calgary

“Thank you for sharing your expertise and time today. Your enthusiasm and wealth of experience engaged the group.” 
– Nancy Purdy, Centre Point, Calgary (Session on Branding for Non Profit Organizations)

“Thank you for presenting your sessions at the Alberta Weekly Newspaper Association conference. The comments were very good about you and the topic. You rated anywhere from 4 – 6, with 6 being the best. I would definitely like to work with you again in the future.”
– Maurizia Hinse, Coordinator Alberta Weekly Newspaper Symposium, Edmonton

“The information I received from Lynda’s Sales Strategies presentation is invaluable. The ‘real life’ examples she provided in addition to having the participants, relate the information to our individual circumstances, helped me be prepared to deal with potential challenges. She did not allow us to hide in the crowd; she required us to do specific exercises. The interaction Lynda encouraged (and forced—with a smile) amongst us is one of the most beneficial aspect of her sessions. “
– Bev LeBlanc, Digital Creations

“I truly enjoyed Lynda’s presentation on Business Etiquette. The group interaction, comedic relief and every day examples helped to keep everyone involved throughout the presentation. I also found the section on dining tips to be very informative.”
– Michelle McEchreon, Media Planner/Buyer MacLaren McCann West, Calgary

“Lynda, your session was so great. The team cannot stop talking about everything that they have learned and I’ve already had ideas submitted for ways to change our advertising. Your session really helped to end our meetings on a very positive note and I really appreciated your tips as well as your customization of the workshop.”
-Stacy Johnson, Canada Safeway, Calgary

“You did an excellent session — very professional. It was creative and most importantly, it was engaging. I really liked how you tied the theme, the activity and all of your key points together. You also provided many different examples of how change can affect our lives: personally, in business and even when travelling– you really managed to appeal to a very diverse audience.”
– Deanna Ketcheson, University of Lethbridge

“Regarding Lynda’s Sales Workshop: Outstanding presentation! Lynda is a dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic facilitator. Lynda keeps the audience involved with a mix of well-prepared material, presented professionally in “layperson” terms, with relevant examples and thought-provoking questions. Time very well invested!”
– Gerry Karchuk, Bent Creek Western Vacations, Ft. Macleod, Alberta

“I really enjoyed the combination of lecture, exercises and discussion. I really enjoyed Lynda’s energy and enthusiasm! Thank you.”
– Julie Hiner, participant in Calgary Session on Branding

“Your presentation on Branding and Marketing left our audience with practical tools that can be used for small business. You have an amazing ability to relate to the audience which engages everyone; keeping them captivated, entertained and rethinking how to deal with building their small business.”
– DeAndra Chmelyk, AWE Business Advisor, Calgary

“I attended three of Lynda’s workshops as I was a new, frustrated business owner. I was unsure of the best approach to contact prospects and was horrified of Sales. Lynda’s advice truly helped and has advanced my business.” 
– Jana Ross, Perfect Weddings, Lethbridge, Alberta

“I was impressed with your presentations at the AWNA Symposium in Calgary. I’m fairly new to advertising sales and your information gives me some great tips on how to > actually do this job. Thanks for sharing your expertise.”
– Hugh Johnston, Vulcan Advocate

“Lynda has contagious energy and this comes through in her ideas. She really helped me to think beyond the norm for my line of business and explore marketing strategies that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Lynda gets right to the root of what could work for your business. She makes your marketing and sales efforts much less daunting!” 
– Janielle Scott, ExisDance Projects

“We had a lot of positive comments about the whole conference, and your session was great. I took lots of notes and all the people sitting around me were also. Thanks again for making it all a great event.”
– Sue Wilde, Conference Coordinator Llama and Alpaca Conference, Welling, Alberta

“Your presentation was great; I need to get you to talk to my group. I was a teacher for years so I like to watch people’s presentations. Your technique was excellent, professional and made the topic very interesting. Thanks.”
– Jim Eversole, Missoula, Montana during the 2004 Kiwanis Convention

“Your evaluations continue to excellent in our self-employment program. You are consistently our most popular facilitator.”
– Gillian Nish, proponent HRDC Self-Employment Program, Lethbridge, Alberta

“We’ve been fortunate to have Lynda share her expertise with our Self Employment Program clients on several occasions. She always wows the group with her insights and practical suggestions and is especially skilled at relating to new entrepreneurs. Lynda is welcome back anytime!”
– Patricia Alderson, Self Employment Program Manager, Community Futures Centre West (Alberta)

“We conducted several sessions in small communities to encourage students to consider self-employment. We had Lynda come in and talk with the students about self-employment and how a business must Market itself. We were very pleased with Lynda, her session and her flexibility. We have had positive feedback about this program.”
– Jenny Shockey, Chinook Futures Corporation, Taber, Alberta

“I have seen Lynda in action in many seminars. She always has a good message and presents her well-researched material in a professional and congenial manner.” Must be the comfortable shoes! I am certain that we will work together again.”
– Pete Lovering, Manager Chinook Community Futures, Taber, Alberta

“Lynda is an extremely credible instructor. Whenever she has a point to make, she backs it up with examples, scenarios and research. Her classes are well planned and she encourages audience participation. Her classes we always fun and full of interesting, useful information, presented in a number of different ways to stimulate all senses of the students.” 
-Tamara Dawson, McCann Media Buying Agency, Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you for your presentation on Marketing during our conference. Your presentation was excellent and the participants thoroughly enjoyed your lighthearted approach. The content was timely and very relevant to all the business owners in attendance. We feel you were an excellent complement to our other speaker, Dunnery Best, VP Merrill Lynch Canada.”
– Committee for “Advancing your Business in the 21st Century, Lethbridge, Alberta 

“Lynda was an excellent addition to our team at Lethbridge Community College. Her instruction in Marketing, Sales and Creative design was excellent as she brought the real world to the classroom. This enhanced our student’s learning.”
– Richard Burke, former team leader, current program leader, LCC Communications & Multi Media Programs, Lethbridge

“I loved the week with you (sessions on Entrepreneurship of Market Research, Marketing, Sales and Networking) – you are fabulous and I learned a tremendous amount, and your teaching made me have zillions more to think about. Thanks – like I’ve got to quit thinking and start getting some sleep now!!!!”
– Freddi Dogterom, FreddiSpeaks.com

WOW designed these websites originally for clients and then turned them to the clients to maintain:

“Lynda designed and built my web site this year. It has been done about 5 times now. I would recommend Lynda’s services if you are looking for a revamp or one from scratch. She is very knowledgeable about the whole process. What you should and shouldn’t do. Cause she is the Marketing Guru that she is. Great ideas. Soooo easy to work with. No pressure. Lots of fun but keeps you on track. She has my yearly costs cut, so who can beat that! AND BEST OF ALL I love my new site that I can update and change any time I want. If I just had the inclination and the time! 🙂 Thank you, Lynda,”
– Lesley Colburn-Swartz, owner Pro Plant Care, http://www.proplantcare.com

“I have worked with five web designers. None of them provided the service that WOW Communications did. She designed a website the way I WANTED IT, not the way the designer wanted it. And… she came to my office, trained me on the website and even provided a manual for me. The entire experience was non stressful and produced a website that is exactly what I WANTED.
– Connie-Marie Riedhuber, LifeDesignNetwork.ca

“Family Centre has had nothing but success with the expertise that Lynda has shared as well as implemented with Marketing techniques, proposal writing, and web site development. We are looking forward to a continued working relationship. We are absolutely delighted with Lynda’s design for our website and can’t wait to have it up and running. It is professional, as well as considerate for the users accessing it, fun and well designed. Lynda’s experience with the not for profit sector has been a huge asset.”
-Crystal Elliott, Family Centre http://www.famcentre.ca

“I had attempted to work with another web site design company prior to coming to Lynda. I found that experience to be very frustrating, as they seemed to be fixated on just producing lots of “bells and whistles”, rather than delivering my marketing message. The site is working great for me as I am getting responses from all over the world. It was refreshing to work with Lynda. For anyone who wants a web site that professionally delivers their marketing message, they would be well served by talking with Lynda.” 
– Paul Larson High Plains Clubmakers, http://www.highplainsgolf.ca

“We  were referred to Lynda as being the ‘best in the business of Web site design”. She is. The Site has turned out better than we could have ever dreamed. She also helped us to update the site ourselves.” 
– Ann Kibala, Mountain Memories Guiding & Rentals, http://www.mountainmemories.net

“Thank you for your help with the recent readiness appraisal. We were most impressed with your professionalism, hard work and enthusiasm in completing this project.” 
– Steve Hoscheit, VP, Ketchum Fund Raising Counsel

“Thank you sooooo much, Lynda. Both CTV and Global have called and booked in a time to come out here today. This is just fantastic coverage; I could not have imagined… (WOW issued a news release of a local charity seeking donations for the Slave Lake fire in 2011). 
– Gayle Sabey

“Thank you for helping the Humane Society develop the campaign for our new Pet Haven. The campaign was a success, our building will soon be built and the animals will have a home that will be comfortable for them until we find a permanent home for them.” 
– Ron Although, Lethbridge & District Humane Society

“Thank you for the awesome job of facilitating our staff focus group. Your expertise and wisdom have been so helpful at a personal level for me and I appreciate your direction and support.”
– Deborah Chenery, Canadian Mental Health Assn.

“Further to the marketing & fundraising plan you developed, we were impressed with your professionalism, skills and knowledge.” 
– Bob Campbell, Canadian Mental Health Assn.

“I heartily endorse Ms. as an instructor and a consultant for any fundraising or marketing initiatives an organization may be undertaking.”
– Terry Whitehead, Calgary (student during Lethbridge Community College Fundraising Course)

“Congratulations on winning the Aurora National Award for the video you produced for Social Housing in Action on Homelessness in Lethbridge. That was an awesome video.”
– Deborah Chenery, Social Housing in Action

“I wanted to go on record with my thanks for your efforts on our behalf in making the A.E.D.A. Board meeting a great success.” 
– Sharyn Brown, Alberta Economic Development Authority

“Thank you for making our conference such a success. Your attention to detail, event coordination knowledge and creativity were evident throughout the weekend. We had many comments from delegates on how smoothly the conference ran. The fact that you were also able to be one of our speakers was an added bonus! Thanks.” 
– Diane MacKenzie, Chinook Country Bison Association

“The ads you designed offered a “fresh” approach to our traditional Ag Expo advertising. Your media placement recommendations also helped us reach our target audience.”
– Lorne Darlington, Exhibition Park

“Thank you for conducting our Future Focus strategic planning. You were excellent. You helped us see the number of activities that we were involved in that the importance to prioritize. We appreciated your help.” 
– Peggy Stuckless, Executive Director, Coaldale Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for the excellent work you have done for the Exhibition. The Board Focus Session was a good example. We look forward to continuing our relationships with you.” 
– Everett Nowlin, Lethbridge & District Exhibition

“I was very pleased with Lynda’s facilitation during our Future Summit workshop. She was able to capture the mood and content of the group. We will definitely use her services again.”
– Norm McInnes, Town of Picture Butte

“In researching for my new business venture, I found that Lynda was able to understand the conceptual structure behind the information I was looking for ….taking that understanding to the development and facilitation of a Focus Group Session that provided me with meaningful information that has been most helpful in the development of my business. I would definitely recommend her company.”
– Diane MacKenzie, Cykorp.biz, Winnipeg

“WOW!!! Delivered the 10,000 stuffers today and wanted to thank you so much for your time and expertise. I so appreciated your design, making the process easier for me and the PLEASURE of working with you. Hoping to need you again soon!”
– Gratitude, Connie-Marie, Bromwich & Smith www.solvingdebt.ca

“I have worked with five web designers on different types projects and never had this positive experience. Not only did you listen to what I wanted – and then I got exactly that, but you offered great ideas and suggestions to make my website better and then, you came over and trained me on how to update it even more… you provided me with a manual of how to update my website – you really are the WOW Gal.”
– Connie Marie, LifeDesignNetwork.ca

“Lynda, just a quick note to let you know we now have our new letterhead and cards and everyone seem quite pleased with the new look. Thanks for your work on this for the Police Commission.
– Doug McLaughlin, Chair Lethbridge Regional Police Commission

“Lynda. Thank you for creating my table look for the tradeshow I will be attending. The table looks great and the flyer is fantastic. These items will greatly help with the introduction of my business to this community. Thank you for all your help and support. I appreciate you!
– Pat Hoyt, Harmony Home Watchers and TPI Harmony Travel

“Lynda Kavanagh has been our graphics designer since 2000. During this time, Lynda has helped us reach our goal of developing a more consistent looking image which creates a more “personal look” for Exhibition Park. In addition, she has done the design work on almost all of the supporting material, such as a sales brochure, Whoop-Up Days brochures, and much more. Her company has helped us to take “the next step” in our corporate image, and her services are invaluable to us.” 
– Darren Milne, Marketing Manager, Exhibition Park

“I wanted to compliment you on the Whoop up Days brochure delivered to our home. It was so nice to have all the information and schedules at hand in one convenient publication and it made attending events, finding locales and formulating a plan so much easier. In the past, we have used the booklet from the Calgary stampede to plan our visit there and I am sure your ‘planner’ will prove to be as useful for us. Keep up the good work!” WOW worked with Exhibition Park to design a 30-page event planner for the annual Rodeo and Fair. It was full color and delivered to over 30,000 homes.
– Glenda Light, Lethbridge resident

“I have found Lynda to be very thorough and efficient in the work she has done for us. The quality of the pieces she has produced has been excellent.”
– Bruce Harris, Cargill Animal Nutrition & Nutrena Liquid Supplement

“I am so pleased with the promotional document you designed for me. Somehow, you understood the essence of my business philosophy and displayed it professionally in the words, pictures and graphics of the flyer. I highly recommend you and will do so to others. Thanks again for everything.” 
– Donna Casey Tait, Chartered Psychologist

“Lynda was great to work with! She took the time to understand the important values of Southern Alberta Firearms Education Society (SAFE Society). She then did an excellent job in presenting alternative images and words which spoke to those values. We were very pleased with the process and very pleased with the end result. Thank-you Lynda!” 
– Allan Friesen, President SAFE Society

“The brochure you produced has received accolades from many members of the community – one person commented that the brochure was one of the best they had ever encountered.” 
– Deborah Chenery, Director of Canadian Mental Health Assn.

“It was our pleasure to work with Lynda. Her creative talent captured the spirit of Social Housing in Action. We were so pleased with the logo design that we asked her to create a logo for our Senior Community Forum.”
– Ellen Short, City of Lethbridge

“The team loves the new logo you did a wonderful job … as you always do.”
– Carolyn, C. Abreast of ‘bridge Dragon Boat Team

“Thank you for allowing our Ontario office to use the logo you created for the YWCA in Lethbridge’s “She Inspires Me” contest. It is a wonderful logo.”
– Melanie Simms, YWCA of Kitchener, Ontario

Note: Those names attributed to these quotes were at the organizations mentioned at the time they provided the quotes. Some of these people have moved on from the position that they represented at that time

Why we exist.

This photo shows the coast of Sardinia – two boats dead in the water as another boat speeds towards them bringing help. What happened that stopped the two boats from moving forward?

Maybe the engines were not powerful enough or they stopped working because the engines had been neglected.  Maybe all the components that operate the boats were not working smoothly together, or maybe the captains did not have enough experience to handle the boat properly.  There could be a variety of reasons why the boats are dead in the water but the bottom line is – there are two boats that aren’t going anywhere.

But, when a boat’s engine performs properly and the captain knows what to do, then a strategy can be developed of where to go, how to get there and how long the journey will take. This makes everyone feel safe, it eliminates wasted time and energy and it creates a smooth and pleasant journey. 

At WOW Communications & Training we like to be the speeding boat racing to help. Our job is to provide clear direction and guidance to owners or management teams on developing a Brand strategy. Then we train on how to implement those Marketing and Sales techniques.

We are obsessed with boats, oceans and seas, but we believe a business is similar to a waterway – unique and ever-changing. You’re the captain of your business, be it a big ocean liner, a small sailboat or a mini-motor boat, and you need to ensure your business’ security by steering it in the right direction. Perhaps one of our WOW services can set you on the right course; Brand Development, Marketing Strategy or Sales implementation. 

We are the speeding boat ready to help.

To show everyone needs help, captains of boats and owners of businesses


We purposely stay small to provide one-on-one coaching and training. We will never pass you off to someone else. You start and end your projects with one or both of us.

Lynda & D'Arcy Kavanagh

We can help with Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales Implementation through face-to-face meetings, online meetings or strategy workshops.


Whether you require corporate, conference seminars, keynote addresses as long-term members of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, we are here to help.


Sometimes all you need is direction on a specific business topic. Our resource section can help you with Business Webinars, Online Courses and Paperback Books.

D’Arcy Kavanagh, vice-president of WOW Communications & Training wearing the Irish Kavanagh tartan. More information on D’Arcy.

Lynda Kavanagh, president of WOW Communications & Training wearing the Irish Kavanagh tartan. More information on Lynda.