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Unicorns eat grass and hay, but they don’t eat because they have to – to them it is just a fun way to pass the time. The energy they need comes from the magic and positivity around them. (

WOW FACT: When your staff is part of developing your Brand, they buy into the overall company more. They show this by being proud of the work they do as well as creating a positive synergy within the organization and with your customers.

Positive energy and synergy are essential for a business/organization to properly and project the Brand they want. Staff training is important especially in areas where staff retention is a big issue. It is a proven fact that “happy staff means retained staff”, but don’t just take our word for it, here are the top 5 FACTS about the benefits of staff training:
  1. WORKSHOPTraining allows employees to feel part of a company. The company has invested in them so they want to invest in the success of a company. Disengaged employees don’t work hard for a company.
  2. Training allows employees to learn how to do their jobs better and motivates them to strive for higher positions. 76% of employees are looking to grow with a company.
  3. 87% of Millennials claim that professional development is important to them and will stay with a company if this is provided to them.
  4. It takes a year to replace the salary of an employee, but when 40% of employees with poor training leave before their first year, this affects a company’s bottom line.
  5. 36% of employees would quit a good-paying job to be happier at work. When employees are trained they will do their jobs better and that creates pride and happiness in their work.


Good training, by qualified trainers, is expensive. We often hear “It’s expensive to train employees because they may leave.” Our response to that is “What if you don’t train them and they stay? How much damage can they do?”
We are long-term members of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers so we know and understand how to keep your staff producing, keep them happy and stop the revolving door of employees. We are professionals and experts in our Branding, Sales and Marketing areas. Yes, it cost money to hire a speaker but do you want a speaker who knows how to entertain and engage an audience with solid content and presentation style or do you want to go for one of those people who speak for free because they need the practice in becoming a professional speaker – we don’t need to practice.
Depending on the training needs, your budget, your location and your staff’s interests, WOW offers a variety of ways to deliver training to your business or organization through conference, seminars, workshops, keynotes, virtual live, webinars, books or on demand. 
Our Customer Kisses…

Completion of a three-day workshop for soon to be entrepreneurs.

Training studentsThese sessions help develop their Brand Foundation so their businesses have a solid Brand right from the start.  They all will become THE Unicorns in their industry. GREAT AND FUN GROUP! Don’t know what the Unicorn concept is?  Order our book and create your business’ Unicorn.  

Debbie , Brunnelhuis, Entrepreneur, Heart n Soul Healing

I received training from Lynda at workshops at execuservplus inc.  I found Lynda’s knowledge invaluable. She has helped simplify my branding sales and marketing by breaking those down into manageable steps.

She made branding for me much easier to understand with her stories and her sense of humour.

I also purchased her book, Sales suck… now what? which I used to remind me what I needed at the required time. I highly recommend Lynda and I look forward to learning more from Lynda.

Black Cat Beauty, Entrepreneur

We were lucky enough to have Lynda in-person for three days of marketing, sales and brand development before the pandemic hit. So glad we did because a lot of what she taught us we ended up applying to our business so we could diversify and adapt to the crazy times we are in now. It’s proven to actually encourage our business to branch out in different directions we didn’t consider before! Thanks Lynda ! We totally recommend getting all the knowledge you can from her. 

Participants in the Youth Employment Program (YEP), Taber & District Learning.

Your insight is great and I really enjoyed the Business Etiquette course. Once again thank-you for your expertise. It was much appreciated. Thanks for you positive motivation.  (Wesley)

Thank you for speaking on Digital Etiquette and Dealing with Difficult People. The Digital Etiquette session reaffirmed much of my knowledge so that was great to have. I learned quite a bit about how to handle difficult people which will be useful in many situations in the future. (Beth)

Participants in the Youth Employment Program (YEP), Taber & District Learning.

I liked the Dealing with Difficult People presentation. I felt like the topic was covered really well and she didn’t move from one topic to the next extremely fast. She took the time to make sure we all understood it and to see if we had any questions. (Zack)

I wanted to thank you for coming to YEP. Everything that you taught us has been very helpful and inspiring. (Susie)

Nicholas Coley, Entrepreneur, Boost Renewable Energy Solution

I captured a great deal of perspective from Lynda in regards to business skills and developing my brand statement along with other parts of my business plan. Lynda is an inspired presenter who is engaging and easy to talk to for personal one-on-one business advice. Thanks Lynda. My Regards. 

Michael & Jasmine Start, Emmibell Homemade Leather Earrings

Thanks so much for all that you taught us. I loved every minute of it. it really gave us clarity and understanding on how we should focus on our “true” Customer.  I cant wait to implement what we have learned. 


-Kitchie Kieper, teaching online English lessons to people in Japan wanting to immigrate to Canada.

It was a pleasure to be in your entrepreneurial course. You are such an inspiration and thanks for all the lessons you taught us on how to get our Brand right from the start!

Patricia Alderson, Director, Marketing and Communications at Arete HR Inc., Ottawa

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynda on several occasions over several years. She is excellent!

Her understanding of the process of branding, sales and marketing is solid, and her thirst for up-to-date information on the effectiveness of new tools to reach potential clients is commendable.

Lynda is not afraid to be a straight shooter, and make it plain the fastest way to success is through mixing creativity with responsibility and effort. Any business owner or entrepreneur can benefit from speaking with this amazing woman.