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WOW Fun Fact

In 2012, the North Korean government’s official news outlet released a claim that scientists had confirmed the location of the final resting place of the Unicorn ridden by King Tong Myong, founder of the ancient Goguryeo kingdom. A week later, thanks to investigative journalism, the Guardian ran a second article that the story was inaccurate due to a mistranslation. (uncommongoods.com)

WOW FACT: An effective Brand Foundation is accurate and authentic, and will form the basis for all your Marketing and Sales messages so there is no misunderstanding what your business offers.

We are as accurate and authentic as you can get – and that can’t be faced during a live virtual training session. We have been conducting virtual live training for individuals and groups since 2017, long before the pandemic forced people into the world of Zoom. Well, we don’t use Zoom, we prefer GoToMeeting/ GoToWebinar because of the security and additional features it offers both the facilitator and participants.

Online coachingWhat our participants have told us is that they like the opportunity to save time and money. With Virtual Live training people can stay in their homes or log in from wherever they like and still learn specific skills.

As a long-term member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, we are part of a committee working to set best practices for people presenting Virtual Live workshops or coaching sessions.

“The online training is going remarkably well as I wasn’t sure what three full days of training would be like! We are so thankful this program was offered online so we didn’t have to give up or dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. Lynda really knows what she is doing and the information was so awesome.” Tanya M, a participant with seven others on Branding, Marketing and Sales.

During the Covid-19 crisis, presenters, who had never conducted Virtual Live training in the past, tried to present content in the same way they would in a face-to-face, workshop or seminar setting. That is the wrong way to conduct Virtual Live Training and that is why so many people turned out from the meetings and training sessions.

DK trainingAs a long-term member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, we are part of a committee working on best practices for virtual live trainers.  We can offer full-day workshops, employee group or individual training, conference keynotes, break out seminars or one-on-one coaching through our virtual format. The concept of virtual live training will not end when the pandemic is under control as people have found the many benefits to virtual live training – if it is presented by a knowledgeable trainer or facilitator.

Depending on the training needs, your budget, your location and your staff’s interests, WOW offers a variety of ways to deliver training to your business or organization through conferences, seminars, workshops, keynotes, virtual live, webinars, books or on-demand. 

Virtual Live Training Testimonials

It’s been very informative and I’ve learned a lot about networking, branding and the importance of personas and who to sell to. I give Lynda five stars!”

  • Eric S., a participant in a three-day virtual live training. 

The virtual training is going remarkably well!! Lynda really knows what she is doing and the information was so awesome!”

  • Tanya M., a participant in a three-day virtual live training.

Thank you for making me feel comfortable with the virtual live training. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to connect with the teacher but you made me feel like I was the only one you were talking to. I liked how you asked us questions and had exercises to do that we could discuss afterward.”

  • Hayley, a participant in two, afternoon sessions for the Youth Employment Program offered by Taber Adult Learning. 
For a comprehensive list of testimonials we have received since 1994, see our Testimonial section.