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By Lynda D. Kavanagh

I have encountered so many frustrated small, mini and micro-businesses through my entrepreneurial training and business coaching because they are spending lots of money on Marketing and Sales activities and they can’t see a rate of return.

When I start explaining about how a Brand Foundation should be developed, many established business people are surprised that they have been operating without a solid Brand. The light goes on when they realize their Marketing and Sales efforts have not been working because those activities are directly connected to how effective their Brand Foundation is.

Building your Unicorn BrandI’ve had many kind and positive responses from small business owners who had read my Sales suck… NOW WHAT? book because it provided practical content they could understand and implement immediately, and the price was right.  Before they had read the book, they knew they needed help and were tired of wasting time surfing the web, going to generic seminars or watching unqualified presenters on YouTube.

This book is a prequel to Sales suck… NOW WHAT? by going into detail on how to build a business’ Brand so it is relevant to the business, to its customers, to its staff, and to the marketplace – exactly what I present in my Branding workshops and my coaching sessions.

In the book, I explain the concept of the Unicorn and how the idea came to me during a workshop I was presenting way back in 2017.  It just took me a couple of years to get words to paper and develop the more than 30 exercises in helping the reader build their Brand Foundation.

This book is written so the reader will be an active participant in either building their Brand or identify if, and how, their Brand needs to be refocused, refreshed or diversified. Lesley and Martin (see reviews on my last book – Sales suck… NOW WHAT? ) ordered the book before I completed writing it – what faith. Be THE UnicornWe encourage you to read this Unicorn book before the Sales Suck book. Am I carrying my Unicorn Brand too far in this picture? 

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Sales suck… NOW WHAT? ©

By Lynda D. Kavanagh

Surviving the ups and downs of business is often an overwhelming feat. But wait, help is here and it will cost you under 20 bucks. That help comes in the way of comprehensive, easy to understand and practical book on Branding, Marketing and Sales. This is the sequel to Be THE Unicorn – it starts with your Brand.

I wanted to write a book that wasn’t like any of the sales and marketing books I had ever looked at. I wanted it to be relevant to the micro, mini and small business owners and manager. M most self-help business books use stories about huge businesses with million-dollar annual budgets. That’s impossible for a small business with fewer than 25 employees to relate to, and the micro businesses can’t even get their heads around spending $10,000 a year let alone millions.

The book focuses on helping business people clarify the difference between sales and marketing, and to understand how sales is only one component of marketing and they both need to support the overall company Brand. 

Martin Cole, a new entrepreneur and owner of Bookwise Bookkeeping Management told me the book helped him exceed his personal goals for his business. Because of his increased sales he was able to hire staff. But the book is not only for start-ups.

Lesley Colburn-Swartz has owned Pro Plant Care in Lethbridge for over 20 years. She says the advice offered in the book is long overdue because the common sense advice offered was refreshing to read.

Both Martin and Leslie ordered the next book I was writing before that book (Be The Unicorn, it starts with your Brand) was even written – what faith!

Most business owners find the sales and marketing part of running a business to be frustrating. When she hears that comment from a business person, she says often the frustration is based on inaccurate expectations about who their target customers and not knowing the difference between Branding, Sales and Marketing. 

The “Be THE Unicorn, it starts with your Brand” should be read before “Sales suck… NOW WHAT?”

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